Saturday, 25 July 2009

Dakini Goddess Collection (2) Quotes.......

I choose to surrender and continuously detach myself from all things. I stand is in this spot observing and allowing all shapes to take its FORM! I TRUST the U-N-I-verse!!

Do not allow the burdens of others to weigh you down. Your job is not to carry their burden but to support them while they carry their own burden. Be WISE!

SELF LOVE is not a is activ....and takes energy and time to develop.....

When we change the Self, we change everything.

Many of us know that we have chosen to be here, and some of us are lost and are searching for the road home.

I will now allow sleep to repair all that needs repairing, rejuvenating and remembered!!

I will LOVE until the day I exit this earth plane. When I AM beyond this space. LOVE will be ALL I KNOW!

I am a wave of the sea, I am a leaf of a tree, I do my best to LOVE everybody and am always learning ways to LOVE deeper, more, to evolve this LOVE which arises from within. I am waking up, and helping others around me to do the same. We are all in this together. I AM LOVE!!

The borders of our minds are ever shifting. And many minds can flow into one another . . . And create or reveal a single mind, a single energy. Lets put our minds together.

Do not be afraid to go deep inside of you, it is there ALL of your TRUTH lives.

We are the only obstacle in our own way.........

Truly returning to the essence and power of Self begins with constant clearing of attachment to others, to limiting beliefs and to issues that block our connection. What or Who are you attached to??????

Attachments has caused me GREAT PAIN! Through the pain there has been many REWARDS!

In my heart, in the perfection of every cell, lies the blueprint of LOVE that is the truth of humankind. In every cell in my heart there is balance – the two beings who are LOVE.

I AM not my PAST, I AM not my FUTURE. I AM MY NOW.........

LOVE arises from within one's own self. Be it for others or be it for one's own self. Love for others come after lLOVE for one's own self........When one is totally in LOVE with one's own self, without any conditions,then this LOVE starts overflowing which is showered on others.....

Re-gain, Re-apply, Re-learn, Re-program, Re-alize, Re-member, Re-unite, Re-juvenate...ah..RE-AWAKEN

Come celebrate the natural Goddess in us all. We are divine light, share it.


The operation section, of transformation
Will be the invasion, of the babylonian globalization
They sit at the round table holding conversation of destruction
Great expansion deep within the satanic systems of the economic dimension

Uniforms included in this participation
Profession, leave an impression
with their full of lies documentation

Many false religions, offering spiritual connection,
When behind close doors they abuse us through their biblical education.
They talk about this Holy Communion, with breath full of radiation
I’m now feeling my aggression, with these fire hot expressions, extermination

Mind control is a violation
It is worst than a sexual compulsion, I call it mental prostitution
Well, the implication, of this manifestation
will build a new world order filled with contamination

Production of food on the streets not even fit enough for a hood rat to eat
Distribution of heroin and crack
Consumption of our people’s souls totals to a reduction
Man make an observation
And please gather as much information
They want you to think there are many limitations
but I’m telling you, not in the kingdom of heaven
In order to function its time for us to rise out of this deluded illusion
with great purification & devotion
Cultivate illustrations, with organizations
Stimulation and determination, is the our only prevention

Insurrection, my people, lets make war against all governmental manipulation
You qualify with your heart and not with no examination
The experimentation, of the awakening of our minds is the resurrection
And the objection again is what – TRANCE-FORMATION

The System.........

It was just meant to be
Not for any other reason
It was just meant to be

We are living in the devil’s society
Enroll to be controlled by the system
You see Satan was cast down beneath
To kill, steal and destroy
Open your eyes to see, oh boy

Some are blind to what’s going on amongst them
Psychology, minority and tricknology
You don’t have to have a degree in magic
To be a master of tricknology

Just watch Satan in Washington
The state where they play check mate
Making decision that will one day
Affect all of our lives

Who the fuck are these people?
Devils in human clothing
They want to break you, mould you
And then make you to fit into the system
Don’t believe their lies
Remember Satan is the father of lies
And there is no truth within him

They have the power some how
To make a lie a truth
From the lack of knowledge
You shall perish
Feed your mind with knowledge
They limit your time by encouraging college
College degree then what?
Third degree
College degree sets you up to work within the system

For all those born the year of 71
Hail to my brothas and sistas
May strength, wisdom, peace and knowledge forever be with you

7 the number of completion
And 1 the number of knowledge
The creator has a special work for the 71s

The system, the system
Who is going to survive this system?
You my brothas, you my sistas
And me
Were going to survive this system
They don’t know
That we are already one step ahead of them
Because we know their SCAM

Allow knowledge and wisdom to take hold of your hands
The absolute
The infinite one
Our creator
Already has a plan
And it is already drawn out
Their still drawing their plan out
The creator shall take us pass the system
Over to the land that is PROMISED

The Apocolypse

The apocalypse is coming
The whole wide world will be running
What you gonna do
Who me
Yes you
We will suffer in the hands of the antichrist power
Time is at hand this very hour
30 days of darkness many shall die
wake up, get up & wipe your eye, no time to cry
Make preparation for what’s going to take place in this new world nation
They plan to kill the 1st, 2nd, 3rd all of our generation
What you gonna do
Who me
Yes you
Get on your knees & ask the creator for salvation
Wars, wars & rumours of wars
Waters over flowing the shores
Famines, pestilence & plagues
The plague that’s killing nowadays is aids
Assassinations, earthquakes & weather change
Grin you teet, shake your head
Don’t think this is a game
Because the end is soon to come
The creator says – The end is soon to come

Spiritual Connection

Astral projection
Spiritual Injection
It’s not my imagination
I’m going through a spiritual connection
If you can see me I’m a flesh & blood person
And if you don’t understand what I’m trying to say it will sound like confusion
But, I had a mental telepathy conversation
With my own angel guardian
It was a spiritual inspiration
To have such a revelation
That was high above my human comprehension
It was in the midst of my meditation
I stopped (pause) for a slow second
Hit hard the realization
Of these entities & my I self having communication
Before I knew it I was in another dimension
There was no obvious indication I entered oblivion
To explain what I saw, would be a difficult description
I know you want an explanation, for this great manifestation
But I have none
I hear someone ask “did she take her medication”
I was magnetized to a location
Where intense emotions mixed with a combination of high tensed revolution
That left a great impression to help me walk my Jurne on & with a mission


Spider's WEB

They have arrived
It’s another time to decide
Which way to go
The arrow points this way another arrow points that way
Small with refined definition
Large, with depth & strength
Leader I am, follow me
Have trust, faith & you will see
Spirits you once were
Now clothed with the flesh of immorality
Sent on earth to face this so called reality
Spirit use to spirit
Now spirit use to flesh
Taking a number of years to transform
So that flesh can be placed under subjection, rejection
Reject the carnal nature of the flesh
There is no gratification
Spirit use to spirit
Projects itself through our minds, hearts & emotions
In conversation we reach deep heights
Frightened & alarmed at what is revealed, within the vibe of my companion
Champion I want to be, on top understanding the things not seen
House, car, money, women & clothes, who needs them
Our spirits have met for a reason, season
You leave me flying after you both leave me
See I want to know more, sure
When I speak you listen
When I play you close your eyes absorbing the rhythm of the beat
Harmony, truth & peace
I’m really getting into the sound that I am playing
My hands feel light and controlled no longer by the bones attached to my flesh
But by the spirit within
It sounds so good
I feel & hear strength, power, harmony, peace & understanding
I give to you, you give to me
It’s called beauty, its lovely
I’m afraid that she will never understand
She has not yet arrived
I want to share, I want to be fair
But it’s sometimes difficult
I am totally separated
My spirit so long wants to take me on a trip
I don’t want to slip
I want to be and do so much
Hush, the time is coming, no running
Walk the way, hey
Walk together holding hands
Feel the breeze of love
Hear the water of comfort
I thank you

Special Gift........

Love yourself for who you really are
Realize within yourself
You have come from far
I know you’ve been hurt real bad
And thinking about the past makes you sad
Just know that everything happens for a reason
And it has come only for a season

Get up now on your feet
There are many people you will have to meet
People to help you along the way
Making sure you will never go astray
A special person you will find
That will love you and treat you real kind
Promise me not to abuse this special gift
Because if you do
It will make this person drift

They will encourage and help you to grow
Make you laugh when feeling low
Do good to others, so I can be happy

It Makes My Heart Sink.........

It makes my heart sink to think
That those of us who claim to be walking the spiritual path
Yet we still judge, criticize & laugh at our brothas & siSTARs
who are some what, less what different from how we appear to be
You see me, you see you

We are all one, connected to the same source force
Whatever you choose to call it, him, she, deity, God
If we say we are on our spiritual path
It shouldn’t be so difficult to grasp this concept
Except everything & everyone just the way they are
God don’t make defects
He has made us all perfect

If we will just accept ourselves first
It then makes it easier to accept our sistahs & brothas
We wonder why sometimes, how we face our situations
As a nation we are stronger than we give ourselves credit
Whatever we think we create
We live within our minds
Did you not know

I realized a long time ago, that we have all murdered with our tongues & our thoughts
Caught you gossiping, talking about your sistahs bizniz with another
When you know she told you in secret
I fret for the brotha’s that steal their brotha’s lovers
And lie to the ones they love
Whatever we think we will create
We have control over what comes in and out of our mouths & mind
Find something positive to say to each other
Because if it is a negative
It turns into a sedative and slowly kills the one directed at
Are you going to stand around and watch this sistah & brotha die

My oh my

Are you telling me you don’t care to share & prevent this from happening
Prevent this from happening
The negative we think & speak are heavy
In fact they weigh a ton
when they fall on the heads of the one spoken about
It crushes the core of their being, scene
Then we wonder why we feel depressed & sick
We wonder why we feel unattractive & ugly
Why we feel poor & skint
Think, think & think again
Whatever we give out is on its way back double fold
Hold the brotha or sisters hand next to you & say something nice ending with I love you
Let’s start today
Looking out for each other, helping one another
For this spiritual walk is far from easy peasy
Hold each others hands and stand

Dakini Goddess


They think I’m totally insane
But I really don’t care
They think I’m homeless
With the worlds problems on my shoulders
They think I am crazy
Because I’m free in my mind and spirit
I really don’t think about the comments that they make
In my face or behind my back
Because I AM free

I wear clothes fit for me
I may wear nothing on top
But wear a pair of shorts
With no shoes on my feet
And a table cloth around my head
Just like the kings out of Arabia
Free as a bird

My skin is the colour of red clay
I eat with the birds
When the sun comes out
I have no job
I hardly carry money with me
But I still get fed and have abundance
For my feathered friends

I don’t let the cares
Of the system get me down
I survive daily by being free

The birds surround me as I meditate on the deck
I often fall asleep during my meditation
The sun
The chirping of the birds
Will give you peace of mind
Will give you sound sleep
So for all those of you that think I am mad
Because I am different
Think again
Take time out to be free


Dakini Goddess

I Feel For YOU

I feel for you, if only you knew
Ahh, huh (slight laugh)
I feel for you, true
As if you didn’t know
When I am in your presence
I feel your essence that passes all of my understanding,
Commanding, demanding I know I can be
I must admit I’m afraid of revealing the true me
There is something about you that makes me feel safe & secure
Already I feel I’ve given too much of myself
which may become detrimental to my health
But it feels ok, I feel safe
I hold back every now & again
If I don’t I will only have myself to blame
But I feel for you, I do, I feel for you
Here take my shoe, walk a while
How does it feel
It’s real, huh, it is so real
I know we are both needy & the time is not now to be greedy
Patience, Trust, understanding
space is the key for us both to be free
just be & see, I feel for you
It’s so strong, we both have a desire to belong, (pause) someone
Our paths have met for a reason
Out time together is only for a season
Let us agree to build step by step
To help lay a solid foundation for our special gift
I’m here to stay, with your spirit
Don’t you know the sky is our limit
I love you realize that, I do
And realize this to
I feel for you

He Geared Me Up.........

He geared me up, he geared me up
He geared me up, he geared me
He geared me up
He let me down, he let me down
He let me down, with a big bang
It hurt, it really hurt
He told me I could
He even told me I should
It hurt, it really hurt
No words were exchanged between us for a short while
But he knew, he knew the pain that I was feeling
The pain that was sinking deep, deeper & deepest within the core of my being
He came over, over to where I was standing
Bombarding, bombarding my space
Finally it was time for me to look at him face to face
“I’m really sorry”. He said
What did he expect me to say
Oh it’s ok maybe another time
I think not, I got a few words to say to you telepathically
Even though you have approached me apologetically
You hurt me mentally
I had something to give spiritually and you took it away physically
You geared me up, you geared me up
You geared me up, you geared me up
You let me down, you let me down
You let me down, with a big bang
But hey this to shall pass
Thank god this moment will not last
I’m going to carry on doing my thang
With or without your Invitation
My words are 7 still will be my ammunition
I had to let go, there was no longer a show
I walked with my head held high
Knowing that there is still poetic justice – Peace

Dakini Goddess


Written: 6 JULY 1997

It’s now time to reveal the truth,
about my fantasies growing up as a youth,
I would watch her from across the room,
visualize us both sitting, talking under the moon – light.
Stars up above shining through the night

I would wonder what her breast looked like
underneath her blouse,
hoping that one day I’d get an invitation
to her house,
bringing apples and gifts for her every other day
hoping that she could relay.

My feelings within me were strong
knowing deep down I could never touch her,
I still held on.
My fantasies are what kept me sane,
Hearing the bell ring soon put an end to my game.

Walking home from school feeling a little strange
about my thoughts,
wanting to share them with pen and paper,
but afraid of one day being caught.

One day my fantasy may become reality
sharing me to another being,
glowing within her femininity.

Dakini Goddess

What OTHERS have to say about DAKINI GODDESS

Hi My sistah. You have always been a great inspiration to me and many others. I wish you all the success. Thank you for sharing your fruitfull knowledge with us, A simple reminder that there are good people in this world. Thanks. Lorna G, London

You have touched my life in so many ways with your love and wisdom. Continue to spread your love and wisdom with the people, helping to awaken us along your journey. You trully are a healer and teacher. Love, Peace, Guidance and Eternal Blessings to you Dakini Goddess. Spirit, London. Hotep

Another inspirational an uplifting venture from you Dakini Goddess. Your vision is immensely powerful and I am over-ecstatic to be a part of your environment. Thank you so much for your strength, guidance and energy over the past year. From my depths to my highs you have shown an unwavering support and been a true Sistah. I wish you eternal supreme blessings. Serena, London

You are an inspiration. Let us connect together and weave a web of wise women to connect together, to uphold each other and to love one another through good times and bad. With love honour and respect. Michelle, London

I think it is absolutely inspiring. I'm taken back somewhat, but in a good way. This is what makes it easy for me to connect with you. Anonymous, Caribbean

Thank you, thank you, thank you for inspiring me, holding my little hands. Do know that you are appreciated far across the seas. You indeed are a powerful woman and I embrace you. Gloria, Barbados

Many many heavenly peaceful loving blessing from me to you...u were my anchor....Thank You - Sia, London UK

Finally, I am able to shed tears about my past pain. I never knew what it was like to express those emotions until now. I truly thank you honouring my feelings, as I have neglected to so on my own. Peace & Blessings. Anonymous, Atlanta

Here's looking forward to more talks , more light conversations, more tears, more laughter. You've opened up my awareness to a whole new level & I sincerely thank you. Anonymous, Caribbean

After talking with you on Friday I've cut down on my intake of coffee, only one cup a day. More cut downs to come. Take care and so will I. Thank You. Sandy, UK

Thanx for listening again! Yolanda, UK

Your warm spirit that gives me peace!!! I acknowledge ur beautiful words, luv & blessings for the Goddess in U! Most high def brought me to u... keep sharing ur LUV & WISDOM!! Anonymous, Europe

I support you 100% in your vision. Frank, Europe

Thanks & Blessings for all the supports & faith you've lovingly given, you've pushed me to strength. Yogi, London

You have touched me in a special way, just by your love and understanding to me via internet. Your vibe and your spirit have talked to my soul and gave me the energy to open up and let down my guard and let love in. Thanks. Femi, USA


I have 2 admit u are very different from most people that I have met, u are very wise and SO help full, Its nuts! DJ Kay, London

I really am blown away by this. You're a first in my life - ever. I don't think I've met anyone that's had this sort of impact. You, Dakini Goddess, have made an impact in my life. Anonymous, London


Our Soul is moving towards the place we once came from
It is this place we need to reconnect back to
It is there we are who we are
Without the falsehood of truly Being
Why must we FEAR going back home
Did you not know the more we open up to each other
Is the closer to home we become
Love is our home
Love is our destination
Love is our vehicle
Our energy has always been in motion
In motion away from us
Now you are revolving with new energy
New energy of remembrance
We are energy in motion
Our e-motional responses are PEFRECT
We are whole and complete
My life to you is an open book
I AM free from secrets
I AM a light gifter
I desire to share absolute LOVE
I choose to merge into my soul as a WHOLE
I AM manifesting infinite possibilities
Ask me and I will share with you

Dakini Goddess
(aka Ms B.L.U)

My Mind

I left home at the tender age of 13 for a variety of reasons. The main reason being, no one in my family took the time out to enquire about my mind. I was misunderstood and judged, according to other minds that knew nothing about the operation of my mind! So many things at that age of 13 plagued my mind, confronted my mind, testing every aspect of its total makeup! I grew up in various children homes, was moved to many foster homes, being introduced and re-introduced to all these strange minds, whose job now was to try and explore and figure out my mind! All of this moving around, to and fro offered me nothing but a false sense of security, rocking the foundation of any inner stability I had built for myself! I craved knowledge, I desired to know the makeup of my mind. This was my deepest enquiry. The question I asked myself, continuously, was “how does my mind work?”

I ended up being transferred from my last children’s home to a children’s home of education (C.H.E), only because my social worker thought I was clever and wanted to offer me the chance to educate my mind. Perfect opportunity!

Up until this point I lived in my mind, everything that governed my life, lived and had its being only in this secret place (my mind). My expressions and most of my actions were distorted. I had no training. I had a raw, volatile and open mind! I was not taught how to express my mind effectively, but I longed to master my mind’s expression in its fullness, in a constructive way rather than destructive.

My thinking and imagination lead me to many places within my own mind, exploring the most darkest areas and also the lightest and brightest places, constantly offering me new opportunities to feel and connect to my emotions, leading me to the discovery of consciousness. The more thinking I did was the more my mind became alive. I was always thinking, yearning to learn and know more about my mind. I always believed in great minds. Positive people always fascinated me and negative people always caused me to question not only my own mind, but also their minds. I needed to find a cure, a cure that would transform a negative mind filled with false beliefs and illusions into a positive mind.

My journey of self discovery started in my mind. I continued to look inwardly.

Why is my favourite question. Without this question, my mind would remain dormant. I asked why a lot growing up as a teenager, I questioned adults all the time, but none seem to be able to quench my seemingly everlasting thirst! I read many books and continued to ask many questions. I was in constant pursuit to decipher the mind and all that made up its whole! I was totally unharmed and ill-equipped to deal with the ever expanding, constantly transforming, vastness of my mind. Sometimes I felt as though I was losing my mind. My inner knowing kept me sane. It was my strength that assisted me with control. My first lesson was learning how to control thoughts, learning how to direct them and re-direct them. I taught myself how to change focus! This new found belief system, started to produce amazing results in my life.

From a very young age, the human mind has always intrigued me. The way people think, process and react to stimulation The mind has always been proven to be a very complex system, sometimes leaving the possessor in disarray! I have always looked at the mind as a living entity, full and conscious, intellectual, manifested as combinations of thoughts, inspired by will and imagination. There is no limit or boundaries to the mind and this is what has caused the great fascination within me to draw closer and deeper to all aspects of its entity. To know my mind was the first step to healing my mind. Most of my challenges in life were caused from a negative and confused mind, a negative and confused mind produced in me, a sick mind!

Now I am 36 and my mind is still learning, yearning to master itself completely. I have come this far, travelled and journeyed on many paths to reach this part of my life. My mind has been my greatest teacher and I have been its most dedicated student! My mind is stable, sure, positive and consciously expanding producing new experiences all the time. I have evolved. I am forever grateful for all of my mind experiences. I am now ready to share my tools. I am ready to help other minds to know the magnitude of its capacity! The mind knows no limits!

I have helped many people, family and friends to explore their minds, helping to guide them inwardly, to reconnect and commune with all parts of their minds, their beings. I have witnessed amazing and breath taking transformation in people lives by sharing all that I have learned over the years. I have volunteered within my community and shared time and space with young teenagers, who are naturally full of a newness of energy, but have no direction to project and utilise their mind in the most productive form! Part of my mission and vision is to extend myself into my community, offering a safe platform, place to explore, experience, question and connect to their minds, which is the greatest tool any human being could ever posses in this life. My life experiences have rewarded me with a greater and deeper sense of empathy!

Dakini Goddess
(aka Ms B.L.U)

Let Go of the BULLXXXX

There comes a time in our lives when we have to cut the bullxxxx.
Do you know what I mean when I say bullxxxx?
All of the things that you choose to hold on to that serve you no further purpose.
You know those thoughts that flood your mind, the negative thoughts from way back when.

You know those bad bad feelings that caused you pain 10 years ago.
When was the last time you forgave.
When was the last time you cried from the pits of your stomach to release stuff contained.

Refusing to let go huh?
Maybe you don’t know how to let go?
Are you even conscious of the continuous pain you put yourself through.
Day and night
Same shit, different day.
Are you not tired now?
I mean how much longer can you go through this, like this?
Why are you afraid of revealing the true condition of your heart
Your heart is bleeding, breaking?
I told you material things would never serve you long time purpose.
You thought owning your own home would do it huh?
Fill that gap, that void within
Did you think, buying a new ride would continuously fill that space?
You have returned to ground Zero
The point of no return
Only one place to go from here
And that is inward
Before you can receive you have to give to yourself
Its time to let go
The Pain, the negative thoughts and feelings
Take ownership of who you are, who you want to be.
Allow the death to take place so that you can be resurrected
You are bearing your cross, soon time to cross over the road, on to the other side
Do something you have never done before
Something you have always wanted to do but never had the confidence to do it.
Be who you need to be
In the time that you have to be you
It really doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about you
It matters what you think of yourself
Will you choose to live or will you continue living in complete denial of yourself
Choose Life
Let go of the bullxxxx!

Dakini Goddess
(aka Ms B.L.U)

Embrace YOURself YOUR being born again!

Are you happy with your life?
What are the things you hope for?
Have you achieved any of your goals?
Do you truly understand the meaning of life and your existence there in?
How many relationships have you had only to end up by yourself?
What did you learn from your past relationships?
Have you grown or are you still hurting deep down inside?
Do you believe in a God?
Or do you believe in a Goddess?
Do you believe in yourself?
When was the last time you told your truth?
Do you hide behind a disguise?
Or are you being real?
When was the last time you forgave?
What was your last judgement?
How often do you laugh?
For how long did you last cry?
Was there someone there to wipe your tears?
Or were you all alone?
Do you feel Loved?
Do you know how to Love?
What happens to your heart when you attach yourself to another heart?
How easy is it to detach yourself?
What follows after the detachment?
Do you know what pain feels like?
Do you think about being painfree?
Do you think about freedom?
Do you think about LOVE?
What are you afraid of?
Are you ready to surrender?
Embrace yourself your being born again!

Dakini Goddess
(aka Ms B.L.U)

Dakini Goddess Collection (1) Quotes.......

The happier YOU are with YOU, the less attention YOU need!!!

True LOVE is learning to LOVE selflessly, which means expecting NOTHING in return. Are you really LOVING??????

The POWER is within our divine feminine energy!!!

Letting go is abSOULutely necessary to contain this new energy which is now available to us ALL.

I look forward to never feeling the emotions attached to jealousy. The antidote is more LOVE for SELF!

YOU are only selfish when YOU are not giving the person who is calling YOU selfish their own way!!!!!

The POWER of the MIND is never to be under estimated EVER!!!!

I Have A Dream That All Sentient Beings Will Awake From This Sleep Called "The Illusion Of Life"........

I choose to surrender and continuously detach myself from all things. I stand in this spot observing and allowing all shapes to take its FORM! I TRUST the U-N-I-verse!!

Do not allow the burdens of others to weigh you down. Your job is not to carry their burden but to support them while they carry their own burden. Be WISE!

When we change the Self, we change everything.

Dakini Goddess
(aka Ms B.L.U)

Decoding The Code......

Here I live embodied within the constraints of the human nature. I almost want to say MY human nature, but knowing full well that this experience is on borrowed time as well as living in the confined and restricted space suit of my humanness. I long to enter the realms of my MIND which will enlighten the path within....transcending my ordinary MIND into the super extra ordinary MIND of the supreme ONE. I have many tasks to perceive....practice and prove.....while setting out to diligently search for the hidden truths that lie deep beneath the distortion of my shattered mind.

How am I able to accept what I have been told? How must I digest the words contained within the context of a book without first deciphering and grasping onto....maximum innerstanding? I AM not perfect but forever evolving.....forever re-MEMBERing the power available to me within and without. I AM not yet stable and often feel incomplete. It is this journey I choose to lead me back home to my eternal BEing.

I AM influential and long to re-TEACH people opening them up to their TRUE divinity. I AM confident knowing that the truth and LOVE within me will bring about U-N-I-versal change, transforming the deformity of our society.

Dakini Goddess
(aka Ms B.L.U)

Can You Answer These Questions....?

How simple it is to LOVE without conditions?

What is the difference between sacred sex and conventional sex????

When you are cr8ting LOVE what is on your mind?

Do you feel LOVE or do you feel LUSTFULL?

Vague Imagines – The Abyss PT I

I was laying here thinking how I would work this puzzle out in my mind.
It is right there, in the forefront.
Many things, just coming up and working there way down into the abyss.

The abyss.
Where is the abyss?
What does the abyss look like?
I can only but imagine as I do not see it, but I know it is there.
It is vast, it is great. It is higher than me, or am I greater than it?
I am it.
Thinking always when I don’t need to, but I feel to, I want to, but I don’t.
I am thinking now about what will come of this piece I now write.
I don’t know but I will just flow and see where it leads me.
I have truly let go of many things that truly serve me no purpose.
I mean many things.
I am respecting all life forms.
Forms that serve many dimensions.
I exist on the lower planes, via my body and the conditioning of my thinking.
I am in total control. I am in control.
I choose as I please.
In the lower plane of many distorted imagines and vain acceptance I use to,
I used to dwell in a dark place where I could not see.
I used to close my eyes and Jurne.
I would Jurne to a place of loneliness, trying to understand, knowing that I understood, but not understanding.
Hearing tones that were there to help raise my vibrations but not really hearing them.
Making many associations to what I thought it should be, could be, would be,
The abyss.
The abyss can be whatever you want it to be. It never takes away, neither adds to what it is.
Many choices.
You choose.
I chose to move forward, to enquire, to go to a deeper place, as I continuously hear this calling come forth.
Do not be afraid to see what you have always seen.
Fear is not here but it is there at the very place that you, yourself created it to be.
I leave fear behind with great effort.
It promises me many things, if I was to make a choice not to separate from the relationship we have built.
Many things that no longer appeal to me, I need no more.
I desire to find out the opposite of Fears existence.
Fear never told me it had an opposite.
I am just finding out.
What is Fear’s opposite?
I don’t know but I will find out.
I will find out as I begin to move forward in to the abyss.
The tone is raising, I hear it.
I look around with Fear.
I even go as far as to look into Fear.
I begin the Jurne of remembering that everything has an opposite.
As I moved forward into the direction of the abyss I vaguely see Fear.
Fear is now in my distance, fearing being left alone.

(Dakini Goddess)

Vague Imagines – The Abyss PT II

Fear is all alone, fearing its very own existence.
I am not alone, I know that I am not alone.
I have never been alone.
I see a light on, it seems like a light.
Is it a light outside of me, or is it inside of me.
It feels like it transmits from inside out, this is how and why I am able to see it.
It is right there. I can see it.
It pulls me in to see it as it is.
The abyss.
The abyss can be whatever you want it to be. It never takes away, neither adds to what it is.
I know this place
I have been here before
I am feeling like deja- vue.
When did I come here?
Who did I come here with?
I know this place, it is not feeling strange as I thought it would, could and should.
I feel light, I am in the light, I am light.
Lighter than I have felt in a very long time.
Time prevented me from moving freely.
Caught up in time, I travelled beyond time, where there was time no more.
Time doesn’t exist in the mind of the abyss.
No time to waste.
What a total waste of time.
I have never wasted time, so I have no regrets leaving Fear.
Everything has its order
All is as it is, in All-ways one can imagine.
All-ways has been, All-ways is and All-ways will be.
The will to be.

Ms B.L.U
(Dakini Goddess)


I AM spirit on earth and I dedicate myself to channelling LOVE and Truth into my life...I AM a source of light in the living body of Creation, ever growing in U-N-I-ty with all as the U-N-I-verse and I flow harmoniously in change together...LOVE is my nature, Truth is my will...the essential Masculine and Feminine principles as the God and Goddess in all their forms dwell within me...the ecstacy of their intertwining is the divine spark of life into my deeper nature...I AM a wild child, a responsible adult, and a wise elder...I encompass within myself the wealth of human experience...

I welcome the fullness of life with its joy and sorrow as I work and play...calling to memeory all supressed experiences I accept them with forgiveness and understanding...I LOVE and do as I will... the truth of my experience and the purity of my heart enable me to govern myself...I share a vision with all people building a world based on freedom and cooperation...The U-N-I-verse flows through me and I use this power to create, nurture, and heal...My LOVE embraces violence and pain and transmutes them into Peace and Enthusiasm

I respect the autonomy of each and will not interfere with pity or harm...I create my own reality as I provide myself with the experiences I spiritual nature guides my ego and shapes all I think, feel and say...I LOVE-INingly and willingly surrender to the beauty and perfection of all that I AM...I feel my connection with all facets of this Universe...the Earth, the Water, the Sky, Plants, Animals, Spirits, and other beings...the Divine within me recognizes and appreciates the Divine within Mind is a messenger bearing inspiration and intuition...I AM sincere...

I honor my word, and I fulfill the responsibilities I perfect LOVE and perfect trust I share the truth within me...Life's experiences reflect my the web of cause and effect continually remind me of my path, whatever I send out returns magnified...I use this feedback to stay in tune with my environment...

I AM healthy, happy and Free as Earth's abundance provides for all of my needs...I celebrate the cycles of change, and recognize illness, adversity, and confusion as opportunity to grow in wisdom and understanding...realizing the grace of the Divine within, I laugh, sing and dance in the ever present Now...I AM birthing a new, magical being within myself as part of the planetary transformation of consciousness and evolution.........

Ms B.L.U
(Dakini Goddess)

How Serious Are You With Living?

Greetings Beautiful Beings

This is a question that I would like to ask you all? How serious are you about living?

Look around you, how many people in your life, is either dying of a dis-ease or has a dis-ease? If you don't know anyone close to you that has a dis-ease then someone knows someone that has one.

Diabetes 1/2
Sickle Cell
High Blood Pressure/Low Blood Pressure
Heart Disease

There is something that each one of these people are doing that is exactly the same as the other person who has been diagnosed with a dis-ease. I know our genetic make up is very different and certain chemicals within each person will react differently, but then the end results seem to be the same - WHY?

In order for us to sustain and maintain our lives here on this earth past the age of 50, we need to seriously start changing the way that we think about our food intake. We need to know about the ingredients contained and contaminating the foods on our supermarket shelves, the food that are in our local markets & the buy one get one free from Iceland, Tesco's, & Sainsbury's and start to re-educate ourselves deeeeeply about the chemicals, preservative, additives, pesticides, herbicides that take up residence in our cans of food, our processed packaged food, our frozen vegetables, our lovely coloured Genetically Modified fruits, & our electro magnetic foods (microwave) this is what I classify as subliminal Junk Foods (slow foods). We all know about the obvious Junk Foods (fast food) but its the subliminal Junk Foods (slow foods) that will kill you much faster.

We need to be eating the right foods and taking the right amount of supplements to sustain our lives for this dream to become a reality. I say a reality because, the health of our friends & family members seems to be deteriorating at such a fast rate, I am beginning to wonder if this reality is going to become a dream or a nightmare.

There is something seriously wrong here. There seems to be a silent war against us. We need to awaken to this pretty fast, otherwise there is going to more wounded or dead soldiers. It is not the food itself that causes our addiction but the drugs in the foods that keep us coming back for more. Its the artificial taste, the false spectrum of colours, the decieving smells,the deadly sweet taste, they tempts us and speak to our lower self, and we give in for our many reasons.

How long will we be a slave to the food masters (Food Industry)? For how much longer will you subject yourself to the silent punishment and battering of your body? How long will you continue to eat yourself to death? If you don't believe a word that I say, then do your own research. There is plenty of information on the internet that will confirm everything I have just shared with you. At the end of the day the choice is yours, after all it is YOUR LIFE!

Spread Love & Light - The only antidote for fear & negativity

Ms B.L.U
(Dakini Goddess)


IGNORE THIS HEALTH CALLING/WARNING IF YOU WANT - but it seems to be getting LOUDER and LOUDER. I mean let me ask you this question.

How many of you are sick?
How many of you know someone in your circle of friends or family that is sick?
How many of you know someone who is dying or have died of a sickness?

If I was to have you all in one big room together, I am confident enough to say 99% of you would raise your hands, me included.

Heart Attacks
Heart Disease
High/Low Blood Pressure
Sickle Cell

Bad Breath
Digestive Problems
Joint Pains
(if you are having any of these symptoms above, this is the beginning of major problems if left untreated & pills, prescribed drugs will only suppress the symptoms more)

Have you asked yourself this question - What are the causes of these dis-eases? Is there a cure for any of these dis-eases?

I mean look how loooooooooooooong the Cancer research team have been looking for a cure. So much money has gone into that establishment and they still don't have a cure! People around us are getting sicker and sicker, which then means, if we don't find a cure for these ailments & dis-eases we are going to be burying more and more of our loved ones! It is time for us to open our eyes my beloveds and see what reality is showing us!

Reality is showing us that we are now facing a serious epidemic. Does it mean that we all are going to die of some sort of discomforting dis-ease? Does it mean, as we all get older we are going to be riddled with pain, wailing & the gnashing of teeth? Does it mean that you and I will get cancer? Because so far, this is what I can see amongst our elders, they all have some sort of dis-ease, if they don't have a dis-ease they are riddled with pain (arthritis) & discomfort!

Hey folkes we are all getting older - do you want to end up like this? I bloody don't!

So, are we all so busy raving, partying, organising, working, dressing up, paying bills, having a good time & blinded by all of these temporary things that delude us from this fact - YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR LIFE TICKET OF EXISTENCE ON THIS EARTH - WITHOUT IT YOU WILL SOON BECOME EXTINCT - DO YOU HEAR WHAT I AM SAYING? - WE NEED OUR HEALTH MY BELOVEDS JUST AS MUCH AS OUR BREATH

I speak like this because I have a loved one who has been diagnosed with Cancer. I have been watching them detoriate right before my very eyes (thank God for natural juices & herbs, they are improving) but it still pains my heart to watch them feel internal pain and confront fear. I have had friends who have had their wombs removed because they have been stricken with big balls, the size of oranges in their womb (fibroids). I have watched people's hair fall out (alapeasha) because of stress.

What is causing all of these dis-eases?
I would go as far to say that 80% of the cause is from the food that we are putting into our body system. 10% is the environment & 10% the state of our minds!


Are you happy to sit around & watch your loved ones die with some pain and discomfort caused by a dis-ease?

I speak like this because my heart is bleeding. I hear the cries of our elders, our young ones, our mothers, our fathers who are dis-eased and riddled with pain and are looking for an answer to ease the pain all away.

It is time for us to re-educate our mindz. Give our mindz some food for thought! There is a big connection between FOOD & DIS-EASE.

The more we eat of the wrong foods is the more we are all gonna get sick and eventually die!

If you are a mother or a father I am sure you want to live as long as possible, so that you can play a big part in your children's future! I am sure if you are young and ambitious you have dreams and goals!


Let us all learn how to EAT TO LIVE, let us admit we are addicted to food, let us admit that we need to learn more about foods & their effects on our body system.

Ms B.L.U
(Dakini Goddess)

Love Without Attachments & Expectations.....

This is one of the hardest lessons there is to learn in this life time, but I am learning to master this!
Loving, being loved, sharing love, being in Love, Love Love Love is a beautiful thing.

It changes your whole life and makes you feel special.
They say Love hurts, it does not.
Attachments are the ones that will hurt you and rip your heart in two, but yet we blame this on Love.

I Love to Love and I am getting to know Love real well.
The Love that I know does not hurt.
Love only knows how to Love.
You see we attach ourselves to the ones that we are loving, we become dependent on the one that we are loving.
When and if the one we are loving grows and needs to move on to their next period of learning and experiencing, the attachment finds it hard to let go, we still Love, but yet we still hurt.
Not fully understanding why the one we Love needs to move on, we may take this on as Love rejecting us.
Love does not reject, our Ego and our thinking does!

In order for us to not feel the pain and the hurt of Attachments, we need to learn to Love without attaching ourselves to another.
Change is inevitable in our lives, people come and people go!
Ohhhh and another thing we blame on Love, is Expectations.
Expectation is the mother of all fuckups!

These are the two things we enter into our relationships with!
Attachments and Expectations
Watch our for these two, they are the ones that cause the real deep pain and hurt!
Lets stop blaming love.
Love does not change itself, cannot and will not!
If it was love in the beginning it will be love in the end!

It is time for us to learn how to Love without attachments and expectations.
Allow the freedom of Love to be!

Ms B.L.U
(Dakini Goddess)

In my mind I travel within the particles still attaching itself to fractions of the past.
Into the past I travel, the transport being my emotions and my feelings.
The ride is long, painful and familiar.
Thsi journey reminds me of dejavue.
I think I know how it all ends.
It ends in pain and destruction.
I guess thats one side of looking at it.
The other side is that experience brings forth learning, leading to growth.

But why do I feel like I shouldn't be on this journey again?
I do know a lesson is repeated until it is learned.
Have i not learned this lesson?

Take control of mind, words and deeds.
Direct your focus, channel your desires to the places that assists your growth.
Know what you need and do not allow any distraction.
What you want might make you cry and what you need might pass you by.


Ms B.L.U
(Dakini Goddess)

I AM ready to see ME.....

I AM ready.
I AM so ready dread to take on this mission.
I AM bursting at the seams.
I AM filled right up to the brim., my cup runneth over.

Do you want some of what I've got, huh?
Do you really want some of this N.R.G?
It's going to change your life, I swear it will.
It will make you feel different.
It will change your mind forever.

If you want to see who you truly are, stand close to me.
The veil is about to move from left to right.
What side will you be standing on, when the curtain begins to move quickly right before your very eyes?
Are you prepared to see what you gonna see?
Are you?
Will you be in denial of your new reality?

Sorry mate, this one cannot be denied.
This is it.
Live or die!
The truth will kill you if you are unprepared for it.
No more hide and seek.
It's all right here, right now in the moment of this time.
Take control of your thoughts and action now.
Know what path they travel, when you are not looking.
See the depths they travel and who they infect.

Come on into a new world based on order, love and acceptance.
You matter, we matter, I matter,
No matter what!
What's the matter?
Don't you trust me?
Don't you desire a new experience?
What are you still holding on to?
There is no FEAR here.
FEAR is there, right where you stand.
Step away and see.

Get me out of this madness, so I may see myself
I need to see myself now.
I have been waiting for a long time.
How much longer do you want me to wait?
How long do you think I can last out being this shadow?

I know I exist in the midst of this clone, the real me.
The real me that you have hidden from me.
The one that you told me was only a fragment of my imagination.
I can see climpses and particles.
Images that resemble parts of me I think!
I wanna see this in it's fullness.
I know I'm in there.

Come out!
Come out now!
I wanna see what you look like.
I know you are me, I know this deep in my soul that you belong to me.
I need you.
I need to see you.

Touch me in the morning.
Don't just walk away.
Don't leave me how you found me.
Don't let me go astray.

Ms B.L.U
(Dakini Goddess)

I AM......

I AM one with the Cosmic Mind

I AM held gently, at all times, within the Original ONE - the God of Creation

I AM strong and resolute in my calling; I hear the call of my sacred Original-Divine-Self, my God-Self, leading me hiome.

I AM clear of mind & vision as the knowing of my God=Self and its connection to the Original God.

I AM in this moment fully embraced by my God-Self and its connection to the Original God.

I AM at peace in the face of anger.

I AM calm in the face of chaos.

I AM filled with the glowing essence of Divine Love, through which I AM healed.

I AM the vessel for the Original Truth & Wisdom.

I AM the conduit for Original Love.

I AM the living expression of the Sacred Law of One.

I AM harmless yet powerful.

I AM humble yet knowing.

I AM the expression of eternal love, light, truth & power - I carry the will of the Original One through all of my moments, allowing the Divine to touch others through me.

I AM whole NOW.

I AM peace NOW.

I AM Wisdom NOW.

I AM Divine Love NOW.

And So IT IS!

Damn I Need to Breeeeeeathe

Well, its about that time. Yes, I think so. For so long I have lived according to what others expect of me, living up to the high expectations. Your the strong one, you know best.
Well my strength I will not deny.
It has been my help in the time of tornado's and cyclones.

Fear has gripped onto the pits of my stomach, making me feel like there was no escape.
But hang on a minute, who gave you the power over my life anyway?
Mmmmm, I guess I did?

Today I want to breeeeeeathe.
Today I want to let go of all the excess baggage.
Today I will not empower another to dis empower myself.
Today I want to breeeeeeathe.

I am taking deep breaths, as I step out on to dangerous territories.
Where the battle seems to be real fierce.
Hey, I am a Goddess.
I have fought many battles and wars before and won.
I am no longer afraid to fight for the breathe of my life.

Didn't you hear what I said?
I said I need to breeeeeeeeathe.
And breeeeeeeeathe I shall.
With or without your permission.

You see I am no longer afraid of what you think, or what you have to say.
To be totally honest with you, I really couldn't give a damn.
I got my life to live, not for you, but for me.
So, yes things are about to change, ready or not.

Take a look, take a long look at me, because as soon as you blink your eye
I will breeeeeeeathe away from your sight.

Ms B.L.U
(Dakini Goddess)

Dakini Goddess Speaks From The Heart Center

It is time for the GREAT change my sistars, I know we have been doing some serious work on ourselves, with dealing with our past, trying to live in the moment and projecting some of our thoughts into the future. I want to encourage you today to continue working towards obtaining your completed mission in life. Yes I know sometimes it gets real tough and you may seem like life just keeps on repeating itself and you don't seem to be moving forward. You may feel there is little support around you. You may even excape by filling your life with daily chores, duties at work, family life, partying, sex, shopping, relationships and friends.

I then ask where are you in all of this? When was the last time you spent time with yourself, giving yourself what you give out to others, which is your time, your energy, your attention, your support, your love. Are you getting this back in return, do you think you deserve more than what you are getting NOW! Some may say, we do not give to receive, but you try drinking a glass of orange juice continuously and see what happens, the glass becomes empty. Yes we too become empty after continuously giving of ourselves and not receiving the same amount back in return. We all require balance.

It is time for us to fill ourselves back up completely, whether we are able to do this for ourselves or through sistar support. Do not remain empty and deprived of the love, care and attention you need. WE ALL HAVE SPECIAL NEEDS, for we are SPECIAL PEOPLE!

How long can we give and remain empty, who is going to fill us back up again?

Have you been going through a lot lately?
Has old ways of thinking presented itself recently?
Do you feel deep within you something needs to change?
Is her story repeating itself?
Are you being totally honest with yourself and seeking the necessary support needed to make this change?
Are you happy with you and your life?
Are you empty and feel like you have nothing more to give?
When you look around who really knows the real person you truly are?
What is the worst thing you think could happen if you came out and revealed your true innate nature?

I leave you with these words of love and hope that they will cause you to contemplate, while bringing into your focus YOURSELF, YOUR NEEDS & YOUR LIFE. To think of yourself self does not mean you are being selfish, but its time to become self focused. You are the change that you have been looking for, it may not come from the external, what effects the internal infects the external.

WE NEED LOVE SISTARS, every single one of us. Just like darkness is the absent of light, FEAR is the absent of LOVE!

I share love, light & darkness which equals BALANCE

Ms B.L.U
(Daklini Goddess)

Fall IN LOVE with YOURSELF......

The one true love is SELF-LOVE; there is no other LOVE.The greatest secret of all, discovered by the Christ and the Buddha and many others, was the secret of falling in LOVE with the SELF. When you LOVE the SELF, you are in a state of acceptance, total acceptance. As you accept, you cease resisting the world and all that is in it. As you give up resistance, you allow everything to be as it is. As you allow everything to be as it is, God can work through you...............It is at this point that you can say, "I and the GOD/GODDESS are one," for you will be at one with the source of all life. You will be at one with LOVE!

Have a beautiFULL day........xx

Ms B.L.U
(Dakini Goddess)

With-IN my Darkness I saw LIGHT....

Good Morning siSTARS

I wish to share my heart with you all today.

I sincerely desire to reconnect to my ORIGINAL SOUL BLUEPRINT. Everyday of my life I strive for this, whether I am conscious or unconscious, it is my daily intention. We are all a work in progress and each day is never the same. Sometimes we feel like we are on cloud ten and some days we feel like we are in zero hell. We all experience both ends of the spectrum plus try to maintain a HEALlthy equilibrium. Some might even describe life here on earth as completely challenging and may often feel like giving up. This too is a part of the process to WHOLEness. All of what we feel and go through is all part of the WHOLE. We all seek to become WHOLE, so there for need to reUNITE all of our parts. Parts from our Karmic and Genetic herstory. We have been fragmented and our SOULs desire is to be WHOLE AGAIN, AT-ONE-MENT with the U-N-I verse.

I want to encourage you all this morning to continue seeking your SOULs purpose and when the challenges become over bearing, reach out to someone who is able to reMIND you of your SOULs purpose. It is very easy for us to forget, for we live amongst the material and the material has a way of clouding our vision, while creating a massive illusion.

If you feel like you need support here and NOW, I encourage you to use this space as a medium to reach out. I went through a very dark area yesterday and sleep, truth and openess has helped to re-align me. I will continue to stay TRUS, frist to myself and then to ALL. Every single one of us will experience what I speak of, it is part of our EVOLUTION.

WE ARE META-MORPHISISING (To change from one form, nature, substance, or state into another;)

WE are ALL ALCHEMISTS, let us continue to support each others changes.
I love you ALL.

Ms B.L.U
(Dakini Goddess)