Saturday, 19 December 2009


As I rest in my soul observing outer images of illusion
I retreat from conditioned logic and manmade confusion
My soul knows full well why my physical was born
My soul is never sad, defeated, miserable or forlorn
My soul knows precisely why I AM who I AM
It knows exactly why my experience of life began!
To honour my soul purpose and discover its path each day
From physical reality my mind is obliged to wander and stray
My soul knows all I see around me is simply a manmade dream
Life in authenticity is balanced in all things, and extremely serene
But my physical doesn’t observe life in balance and peace
It cries out, ‘When will this unstable dream finally cease?’
My soul knows and tells me as I receive respite in its presence
That love is reality; that it’s the source of life and life’s pure essence
All souls know that eventually this illusionary fear based dream has to end
Souls know truth, so they know that eventually humanity will no longer pretend
More and more aware souls are aligning in their loving essence as One each and every day
And in their pure essence they are allowing the Light of Love to flow as it finds it own way!
This world of angry illusion
And angry pent-up confusion
Has almost had its flow in time
Love is powering us back to sublime
My soul knows this and so does yours
Ours souls are opening endless loving doors
And so it is; there's no more to say
Peace and love are definitely on the way
The power of love is undeniable
The power of love is ever reliable
Yes my soul knows and so does yours
That our souls are opening endless doors!

Copyright 2009 – Kerrie Guy ©

Dakini Goddess Collection (6) Quotes.......

PAIN comes from EXPECTATIONS....distorted thinkIN and NEEDS which aren't met...x

YOU are more than ONE....YOU are the ONE who I think YOU are....YOU are the ONE who YOU think YOU are and YOU are the ONE WHO YOU TRUELY are.....WHO YOU TRUELY are is what REALLY MATTERS.....continue beIN TRUE TO YOU..x



The TIME has COME for US to WAKE UP to WHO WE REALLY ARE.....If not NOW....When....?



Choose to FORGIVE....set YOURSELF FREE..x

When everything else has been stripped away....LOVE will remain...I LOVE YOU forever and ALL WAYS..x



It is WISEDOM to FIRST TUNE IN to the LOVE for SELF...before YOU TUNE IN to the LOVE of another....There is NO WHERE on this EARTH where it is POSSIBLE to LOVE ME BEFORE YOU LOVE YOU..x

LOVE ENERGISES both YOU and ME....and EGO DRAINS both YOU and ME....KNOW the DIFFERENCE....x

The more YOU stay OPEN to LOVE for SELF is the more YOU FREE YOURSELF...ONLY YOU can do this....x

Hey.....Don't be too hard on YOUR SELF....LIGHTEN UP..x


I AM addressIN MY ISSUES from a CELLULAR LEVEL...this is where ALL MY past LIFE memories lay....uprootIN to HEAL to replant again...x

Choose to FORGIVE...LOVE...LET GO and MOVE ON to YOUR DESTINATION....The PAST has gone (only lives IN YOUR MIND)....The FUTURE is NOT PROMISED to YOU so ALL YOU have is NOW....YOUR LIFE is VALUABLE so LIVE It the BEST WAY YOU KNOW HOW....Surround YOUR SELF with LOVE IN KIND people...and d...on't forget to Laugh...Play and have lots and lots of FUN....YOU DESERVE Happiness and Goodness...I LOVE YOU...Have a SAVOURED FLAVOURED weekend...x

There is NO TIME to play MIND games....emotional manipulation is of the dark ages....LIGHT surrounds both YOU and ME....walk INto it....beIN transparent IN the face of LOVE is what YOU NOW NEED to advance to YOUR next ascension LEVEL...To be vulnerable is to be OPEN...are YOU ready to OPEN to LOVE...?

YOU are part of my Mystery...YOU are part of my LOVE that binds and holds the Universe fabric together...Together we shall unite as ONE LOVE...x

WithIN YOU are ALL the GR8 Msyteries YOU SEEK answers for....x

Be MINDfull what YOU harbour INside of YOU...YOUR body is a TEMPLE for LOVE.....x

HaveIn a sense of purpose makes LIFE worth LIVEIN.....x

YOUR limitIN belief which YOU have set up for YOURSELF or allowed to become a part of YOUR LIFE is wageIN war against YOUR ability to access TRUE FREEDOM....x

WithIN our feelIN(s)...there is a vast amount of stored INformation...most of the answers we NEED are there....x

What is wrong with feelIN bad...?

In the center of YOUR MIND is a rare cut diamond...sparkling...and turning in a slow motioned circle...This diamond has limitless abilities the moment YOU become AWARE of see it with clarity...YOU need to remove the fog of negative thoughts....x

What happens to YOU when YOU don;t get what YOU think YOU NEED...?

If YOU continue to feed negative thoughts..eventually YOU will create a pattern IN YOUR LIFE which can be interpret as a habit...We ALL know how hard a habit can be to break.....?

When YOU fight with ME...YOU fight with YOU....x

How do YOU feel when someone says something YOU don't like..?...How do YOU feel when YOU see someone who has hurt YOU...?...How do YOU feel when YOU think about YOUR past...How do YOU feel when YOU look in the mirror..?..How do YOU feel when rejected or misunderstood...?

The Universe has a way of re-MINDIN YOU there are still things IN YOUR LIFE that YOU need to HEAL...The obvious indication of this is through YOUR feelINs.....x

Whether YOU are addicted to Drugs...Alcohol....Food...Sex or another...ultimately ALL addiction are an addiction to thought......x

Are YOU CHANGEIN....EvolveIN...ShiftIN or MeltIn.....?

As each one of us makes a change in our lives...our ripple effect will affect others.......x

Gratitude is a very important key which makes every bit of difference in YOUR perceptions...YOUR circumstances and YOUR LIFE...every new day is an opportunity to be G8FULL......x

It is ONLY when YOU go through YOUR FEELINs will YOU TRUEly MASTER them...DenyIN them will cause YOU more pain IN the end.....x

What if I told YOU...YOU possess withIN YOU INfinite strength and abilities beyond YOUR wildest dreams....and YOU along with YOUR will/INtent are able to HEAL the sick...bring peace and restore LOVE to our PLANET....What would YOU say....?

REAL POWER is not in the house that YOU own..or in the clothes YOU wear or the care that YOU drive...neither IN YOUR monetary wellth...The REAL POWER is IN knowIN who YOU TRUEly are and the purpose YOU serve here on this Planet.....x

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Saturday, 24 October 2009


Beloved masters, if you watch or read the daily news, you must surely be aware that the cleansing of the Earth is accelerating at an astounding rate. No, God is not punishing humanity, and it is certainly not 'God's will' that anyone should suffer. Down through the many ages you, as human Beings, have made 'God' the scapegoat for all the tragedies and chaos that have occurred so that you would not have to take personal responsibility for your actions. Your third/fourth-dimensional world is composed of material and psychological structures and, make no mistake, the emotional structures you have created and have accepted as your truth are just as confining as the material structures you have built.

Consciousness/creation/manifestation in the higher realms are fluid and malleable, and are redefined and reconstructed at each higher-dimensional level in order to be compatible with the vibrational patterns of that reality. This is the process that is taking place on Earth, and within and around each human Being on the earthly plane at this time. The more rigid, fearful and resistant to change a person is, the more difficult the transition process will be for him/her. Beloveds, you must be willing to let go of those things in your life, which includes relationships as well as material things, that are no longer compatible with your new 'State of Being.' You will find, as you move swiftly forward and upward on the path of ascension, that whatever you are leaving behind will be replaced with people and things of a more refined level which will be much more meaningful and important to your future existence.
In this universal experience, YOU are the important ones. YOU are the major players. It was YOU, the StarSeed, who agreed to separate from your Twin Flame, to fragment and divide yourselves into many diverse facets of Self, to be stretched and refracted to the limit so that the Cosmic Mind could observe and record just how far YOU, the "Divine Sparks" of God Conscious, could be compressed into density without totally losing your conscious connection to the ALL THAT IS. Do not misunderstand what we are saying; you could never lose your connection to the SOURCE, but you could and did become so entangled in the web of density that most of you forgot who you are, where you are from, and how powerful and magnificent you truly are.

We of the angelic realms, and a vast host of other Light Beings, were assigned the task of "guiding, protecting, nurturing and inspiring" you, the Legions of Light, as you journeyed forth into the great unknown. It has been our great honor and privilege to make this journey with you as you bravely traversed the valleys of shadow and darkness, and to watch as you triumphantly emerge back into the illumined Light, and regain your conscious awareness.

Through your petitions, prayers and intentions, asking for your highest good and the greatest good for all, and aligning your will with the Will of our Father/Mother God, we of the angelic realms have been able to re-establish the intimate relationship we originally had with each of you. This reunion of Spirit has grown especially strong with those of you who have followed our teachings over these past years and have striven to heal yourselves in order to return to balance and harmony within the accepted spectrum of duality and polarity.

Beloved ones, these are times of great change, whereby you may have many challenges, but you are also being presented with many opportunities. As you tap into the higher vibrations of the Spirit realm, your subconscious mind is becoming conscious as you release all the distortions and limited thoughts of the past. Your conscious mind is in the process of receiving the vaster wisdom of your higher consciousness via your Sacred Mind. You must begin to trust your intuition and your inner guidance. If the thoughts that come to you are inspiring, loving and offer expanded awareness, then you know you are tapping into the wisdom of your Higher Self, your angelic guides and your master teachers. They are whispering to you and they will never lead you astray, and their voices will become stronger as you perfect your telepathic communication with your Higher Self and the Beings of the higher realms of consciousness.

Know this: You are making a difference. You, the Legions of Light, are growing in numbers and strength every moment of every day, and your Love/Light is now reaching and penetrating the darkest corners of the Earth. The unconditional love (Sacred Love composed of Adamantine Particles) that you radiate forth from your Sacred Heart Center is beginning to penetrate the hardened heart shells of a multitude of those still steeped in the third/fourth-dimensional illusion of fear, limitation and separation.

It is time to let go of and eliminate your sense of isolation, division, and your "I, me, my" mentality. At least from a heart level of consciousness, it is time to abolish the boundaries of race, religion, culture and country, and also the mind-set of being separate from the multi-dimensions of your solar system, galaxy and universe. You are in the process of becoming citizens of the universe, galactic spiritual/human Beings. As you become more proficient as 'Bearers of Light,' your influence /radiance will be projected further and further from you in concentric circles and, therefore, your influence will increase exponentially.

As you evolve into a 'refined state of consciousness,' many of the old rules of the third/fourth-dimensional reality are changing. No longer are you confined in a shell of illusion and separation. What you think and do gains power and momentum, and you truly are becoming a dynamic force for good which affects everything and everyone around you. You have no idea how powerful you are and how much more effective you will become, and how many wondrous gifts await you on your journey into en-LIGHTEN-ment.

Down through the ages, you have played many roles and assumed a great variety of forms, along with the attributes and talents that fit the persona you chose for a particular life's experience. When you came into your individualized consciousness so many aeons ago, you contained a vast portion of your Creator-consciousness, but the monumental task of becoming a cocreator separate and apart from the SOURCE was new to you, for you were also 'holy innocent ones' at that time. You have had billions and billions of years to perfect your skills and even though, you, as StarSeeds have refracted and diminished yourselves a prodigious number of times, you still have great knowledge derived from all the experiences of the past stored within your Soul, Sacred Heart and Sacred Mind. You are now in the process of tapping into all the wisdom and skills you have accumulated through the many past ages, and are learning to use your 'gifts of Spirit' all over again. That is why the 'veil of forgetfulness' is being dissolved so that, as you return to balance and harmony, you can access the 'wisdom of the cosmos' stored throughout your physical cellular structure and your vaster 'Being.'
No longer are 'young souls,' those who attained 'individualized consciousness' in the more recent universal and galactic past, being allowed to incarnate on Earth during these times of accelerated ascension. It is a time for the 'wise, old souls of the universe' to inhabit the Earth in order to assist in the transformation and the unprecedented evolutionary process now in progress. The 'holy innocent ones' and the young souls who have recently come into their individualized awareness are being born on many new and wondrous star systems and planets where the spectrum of polarity and duality will not be allowed to swing so broadly and, therefore, their lessons in cocreation will not be as painful or chaotic as they have been for you on Earth over these many past ages.

Dearest hearts, do you truly desire to assist your family, neighborhood, city, state/province or nation to return to balance and harmony, and to speed up the process of the Earth's return to its pristine beauty? Are you consciously making the effort to anchor on Earth the refined frequencies of Light contained in Celestial Cities of Light stationed in the higher dimensions? We have explained how the Crystalline Grid now fully blankets the Earth; however, it is not yet firmly anchored. It is you, as transducers and conveyers of this refined Light, who will anchor these higher frequency energies, and in doing so you will create the new sacred places and the emerging Cities of Light on the Earth in physical form.

These coming critical years could be called "Bridging Years," whereby you will be bridging many levels of consciousness, and you will be building bridges (or portals) to the Cities of Light and anchoring them firmly on Earth. You will be building bridges of new awareness between you and your soul family on Earth, and you will be re-establishing and strengthening the connection with the many facets of your Divine Self, including your precious Twin Flame ( if the front and back portals to your Sacred Heart are open), and you have initiated the process of forgiveness of yourself and all others.
As more and more of you radiate your love, and send balanced and harmonious energies out into the ethers, it opens up and builds what has been called the Rainbow Bridge. This River of Life is the pathway of Light, radiating the energies of the twelve major Rays of this universe, which are infused with the virtues, qualities and attributes of the Creator. It is an Arc of Light and a covenant between you, our Father/Mother God and us.

As we have stressed many times before, we do not make predictions, for the free will of humanity can withdraw or add to a probable future at any moment, thereby changing it. As we have emphasized over and over again, 'You give energy to and reinforce whatever you place your attention on.' That is why it is so important that you focus on the positive traits of those around you and what is right in your world, instead of what is wrong, thereby reinforcing the positive aspects while weakening or dissolving the negative vibrational patterns around and within you. Do not focus on the shadows or the inequities around you. Begin to view things from a higher vantage point, and look for the 'big picture,' instead of getting caught up in the drama of the 'small story.' This applies at all levels of existence, and when you are 'centered' and radiating positive, balanced frequency patterns, it affects all aspects of your life, as well as those around you, and ultimately the 'collective whole.' Beloved ones, you have the tools to transform your life and your immediate environment, and ultimately the world. Be bold in your vision; focus on the positive aspects of your life, and in those around you, thereby reinforcing the Love/Light, whether strong or dim, that dwells within each and every person you meet.

When you align your will with the Creator's Will, you will be placed among the ranks of the Builders of Form, under the direction of the Elohim, for it has been mandated that all levels and facets of Creation are to be incorporated, expanded and exemplified on Earth at this time. A new blueprint and Divine schematic has been brought forth for Planet Earth in a great all-encompassing thought form from the mind of the Supreme Creator. This plan for the New Age that is now rapidly unfolding, and the Divine Blueprint for the new golden galaxy, which is in the formative stages within the Cosmic Womb of the Divine Mother, is being 'Seeded' with the maximum Creator Light in order that these wondrous new creations may be manifested and made a reality as quickly as possible. Many diverse segments of the new cosmic blueprint have been placed in a multitude of great pyramids of Light throughout the higher dimensions, just waiting for humanity to tap into these powerhouses of unmanifested potential, and to bring forth the wonderful new vision that is waiting to be created in the world of physicality.

Many of you seek to know what your earthly mission is for this lifetime and, we tell you, your soul's greatest desire is that you reclaim the many facets of your Divine Self, and return to the wondrous master of cocreation that you were when you first embodied in the physical. As a Bearer of Light, you promised to be our representatives on Earth and, within, you have all that you need to fulfill your earthly contract. As doubts arise, remember, all of your experiences of the past, whether they were successful or seemingly failures, have given you a wealth of experience to draw upon..Beloveds, shine your Light for all to see. Call on us and we will assist you in every way possible Know that I am with you always, and you are dearly loved.

I AM Archangel Michael

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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Ignorance is NOT BLISS

Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen Kilde - 1:13 - About Life, Vaccination, Microchip, FEAR, Energy...

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Emotional Ascension

ALL I can say is....I feel like I have been in an emotional combat training for the last two weeks and it has been far from easy to deal with....There were times when I cried out plus searched for someONE within my close vicinity to reach out and grab hold of my hands...hoping the support would be enough to fill the empty space within me which was and transparent...but sometimes....there are just some things......we simply must endure withself and highself...

Even though it felt like I was ALL alone some of the times..I was reminded many ah times that I wasn't....Glad to feel myself again......x

Sunday, 4 October 2009

No Security

This VDO was made by my Kindred Brotha....Franco....With such a profound message I just had to share it.....BE WARNED!!!

Saturday, 3 October 2009

I AM the COLOUR BLU...What COLOUR are YOU...?



Blues are the most caring, nurturing and protective personalities in the color-spectrum. They live out of their hearts and their emotions. Their life purpose is to serve, help and love others. Blues have an inner knowledge and wisdom and they feel and know what is right without needing facts or data for substantiation. The moment they become quiet inside, they will recognize or hear an inner voice or guidance, which will tell them what to do. They can easily tune into other people and feel precisely what is going on. Blues are the most emotional of all the color personalities. They often feel lost if they don't have the opportunity to clear their way through their intense jungle of deep feelings. Helpful activities for Blues would include talking with friends about their inner life, writing a journal or just being quiet so their intense emotions can calm down.

Blues are more concerned about others then they are about themselves They are born caretakers and mothers. They remember other people's birthdays, are concerned about the sick and have always a shoulder for others to cry on. They are born advisers, counselors, caretakers and nurses. Many people enjoy being with Blues because they transmit love, acceptance and forgiveness. Blues cry easily and primarily release their emotions, joy, sorrow, sadness and happiness, through tears. The other color personalities often have problems understanding the Blues intense emotionality. However, this emotional depth gives them the ability to be warm, sympathetic and protective.

The biggest challenge for any Blue person is to just say, "NO!" They have a basic fear that others might push them back, reject them or no longer love them. The fear of hurting other people's feelings reflects and mirrors their own fears of being hurt. They need to recognize the enormous benefits of Self-Love and also to understand that "no" does not mean the same as, " I don't love you." They need to find their boundaries and borders with other people because they have a tendency of allowing friends and even strangers to come into their energy field without having adequate protection. Sometimes Blues even take on other people's energies and qualities. This can especially happen while they are helping or nurturing others in the capacity of nurses or caretakers. This can occur to the point where they actually take on other people's sicknesses or problems. Blues are precise and clear in their thinking. From a mental standpoint they are usually in a peaceful and calm state of mind. They focus more on their feelings and emotions than on their thoughts. Blues do not like physical activity or work. For theses sensitive beings the physical world often seems loud, brutal and harsh. They prefer to reside in their own emotional world. They enjoy sports they can practice with friends and family. These would include such activities as walking, swimming and simple ball games. Because they are not very physically active, and because Blue is the color of expansion and wideness, they can easily gain weight.


Blues enjoy being around people all the time. They are very social, the perfect caretakers and helpers, always interested in and concerned about other people's needs. These traits allow them to be loving and in service to their family or friends. Blues are found in all areas of society, wherever service and support is needed. The biggest gift for these loving personalities is to help and support their family and friends. They are family oriented people who love being with their partners, children or friends. Planing picnics, creating nice meals, nothing seems too much if it is enjoyed and appreciated. Blues have friends for life.


The most important aspect of a Blues life is living in healthy, harmonious relationships. Blues want to be loved and appreciated. They make wonderful mates because they love to take care of and support their loved ones. They will do anything to create a happy and harmonious family life. They often expect their partner to return their love or be as much supportive and caring. They need to understand that other color personality characters might not understand the strong emotional depth they possess and also have different emotional and mental behaviors.

Blues want to be married and live in affectionate, solid family units. Love and affection is more important to them than sex and passion. Kissing, cuddling and feeling their partner's affection and emotional love are more important than sexual excitement and stimulation. Sexuality is a deep, emotional and spiritual experience and creates a strong bond between the lovers. Blues are loyal and monogamous. They need to be aware that if they are too emotionally demanding with their partner, they might push them away. In disharmonious relationships they have problems with letting go. The very words, "let go," are key words for all Blues.


Blue personalities are not very interested in money. Emotional and spiritual values are far more important and play a much larger role in their life. They are careful with money and have a rather conservative approach to it. They need to make sure to cover all their expenses and needs and normally do not take any financial risks. Blues are born nurses, caretakers, counselors and therapists. They are also born listeners and easily tune into other people's feelings and thoughts. If Blues choose an occupation, which does not offer these opportunities, they are still usually known as the "nice, good person around the corner." They would be the people you go to if you have any problems or want to unload any emotional disturbances.

Blues solve their problems by being peaceful, looking inside themselves, and asking the right questions. They must learn to listen and trust their intuition, their inner voice, and then deal with the situation. Because of their strong intuition and their inner knowledge, Blues usually know what they should do. Their main problem is taking action and making changes. The biggest challenge for Blues is letting go of old habits and patterns and openly embracing new situations. Blues are good listeners and have the ability to tune into other people's inner world. They have a strong intuition and healing power. This is why they are often found in professions in which they can be helpful, nurturing or supportive. Typical "Blue" occupations are: Nurse, caretaker, priest, nun, housewife, mother, child care worker, service personal, social-worker, counselor, teacher, therapist, consultant, healer, secretary, accountant, personal manager and volunteer.


To become centered, Blues must learn the difficult lesson of loving themselves. If they can overcome their biggest fear, which is to not be loved and to be alone, they can express their deep feelings freely and then live a compassionate, happy and fulfilling life. It is important for Blues to set their own boundaries and make clear decisions. They must learn to say, "No," if it feels like "no." Connecting with their personal power and then using it allows them to achieve their goals and give out even more love.

Blues need a lot of time for themselves. They like being in a quiet atmosphere, listening to harmonious music or just sitting in a peaceful room. Being alone is relaxing and allows them to go within. Allowing peace and silence to occur are important activities for Blues to find their purpose in life. Meditation and prayer are the most important and powerful tools they can use to achieve inner peace and happiness and to recharge their own life energy batteries. Going to church or a meditation class is an excellent way of meeting like-minded people and getting involved into a spiritual way of life.

Blues need to constantly be aware of their sensitive and powerful emotional system. Understanding their Mind/Body relationship will help them to stay healthy and strong. If Blues have a question or want to solve a problem, they need to be quiet, stay centered and go inward. If they ask a question in this peaceful state of mind they will hear and immediately sense the answer inside. The challenge for Blues is not only to hear and trust their inner voice, but also to act on it and live their inner knowledge in the real world.

Dakini Goddess Collection (5) Quotes.......

We are winning.....without a shadow of a DOUBT....we are returning to LIGHT...Namaste....x

It truly is time to AWAKEN....look behind the veil.....I mean.....why is there a veil in the first place....think about it.....Namaste....x

Through NATURE (Earth Mother) WE shall HEAL....there is no other way....Namaste...x

We are ALL being TESTED.....It is the ONLY way to LET GO and reclaim OUR POWER....Namaste....x

COME.....Allow LOVE to soothe away YOUR pain....Do not deny what YOU truly NEED....Namaste....x

Having more choices does not always make more sense.....Namaste.....x

Allow YOURSELF to be hugged....kissed....and LOVED....YOU NEED IT......Have a magikal LOVE day.....Namaste.....x

If you have food in YOUR fridge....clothes on YOUR back.....a roof over YOUR head......a place to sleep and internet connection - YOU are richer than 75% of this world......GIVE THANKS.....Namaste....x

BLESSED are the PURE IN HEART for they shall INHERIT the EARTH.....Namaste....x

Every MAN and every WOMAN really is a STAR...We are a STAR in the sky and a STAR in the LIVES of the PEOPLE........Namaste....x

Tired of searching.....?.....Then STOP.....For YOU are who YOU are looking for....Namaste....x

ALL that is needed....will be given when the time is right......Namaste.....x

Sometimes PAIN can cause US to shut down...and some where along the line...WE have forgotten to OPEN back up.....Namaste....x

I AM silently INVOKING the GODDESS within ME.....Namaste.....x

What is it.....that is MISSING from YOUR LIFE....that YOU NEED to FIND....?...Namaste....x

Yes...I know it may get tough sometimes....and LIFE may not have FULL meaning to YOU....but I want to remind YOU...YOU serve a magnificent purpose in YOUR LIFE and in mine....don't give up on YOU or ME....stay OPEN....and allow LOVE to H...EAL the past...learn the heart of FORGIVENESS and try YOUR best to let go and MOVE ON....YOU are DESERVING and so much more WORTHY than YOU think....I LOVE YOU....Namaste...x

If YOU have been working hard with YOU and still feel like YOU are not getting to the LOVE spot.....There could be a blockage within YOU from the PAST that needs clearing....There are many methods/tools to assist YOU i...n clearing and cleansing these stumbling blocks.....Help is at hand.....YOUR doing very well so far.....Continue to be NICE to YOU....Namaste....x

I have had many WOW moments today....I can hear much more clearer and my vision is before ME.....I AM still within and without....I AM listening....Namaste....x

It is time to remove the LOVE can move in and out FREELY......Namaste.....x

LETS RAISE OUR VIBRATION......Chanting OM opens up our HEART and CROWN CHAKRAS......OM SHANTI OM......Namaste.....x

Please re-member what FEAR is....It is False Evidence Appearing Real.....This basically means that ALL that YOU hear...feel.....see.....regarding FEAR is an ILLUSION.....stay ALERT.....Namaste....x

WE are ONE....LET US HEAL each other....WE are the WORLD....Namaste.....x

Lack of LOVE for SELF = PAIN....Namaste....x

LOVE does not compare.....LOVE does not expect......LOVE does not find fault.....LOVE does not blame.......LOVE does not Judge.....LOVE is simple.......LOVE accepts ALL.....Namaste.....x

Meet MY GUIDE AFRA.......He is forever close....He reminds ME of the LOVE that I AM....and the LOVE I AM to GIVE....IN LOVE I TRUST......I LOVE YOU.....Namaste....x

I have woken up SURE of LOVE...more than ever before..I will never feel GUILTY for LOVE IN or for receive IN LOVE again...My sickness came from blocking MY NATURAL FLOW...I AM LOVE and I cannot change this..ALL I want to LOVE and be LOVED..I AM not responsible for anyone or anything..I trust that LOVE will take care of everything and everyone...I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU...Namaste...x

The UNIVERSE is supporting us ALL at this GREAT TIME of Transitioning and Transformation.....calling ALL EARTH ANGELS......Namaste...x

Who told YOU GROW IN was far from the TRUTH......Namaste....x

Heeeeeeeey....Hocus.....YOUR Pocus......and FOCUS......Namaste.....x

The Truth will set YOU free after it makes YOU angry.....Namaste....x

CRYING is ONE of the GR8EST RELEASE IN tools known to US.....try it sometime....Namaste.....x

WHY are YOU afraid to go deep inside of YOU.....?....Namaste....x

There is ONLY one way to GROW.......this way is IN TRUTH......Namaste....x

If holding on to YOUR past produces much GUILT....then let it go......Namaste....x

YOU say "ALL I want is to be happy"....but when happiness scares YOU....why....?....Namaste....x

What YOU think is what YOU will MINDFULL.....Namaste.....x

DEVOTE YOUR MIND to ONLY what is REAL.....everything else is a waste of VALUABLE time and space.....Namaste....x

The ILLUSIONS that FEAR creates can not be

The LIGHT and LOVE of YOUR presence is ALL YOU will ever NEED....and ALL YOU will ever have.....Namaste....x

To be responsible for SELF is SELF MASTERY.....Namaste.....x

That which is REAL to YOU....may not be REAL to ME...does this make what is REAL to YOU....REAL or UN-REAL...?...Namaste....x

WHY are we still trying to maintain a FALSE IDENTITY of OURSELVES which is ONLY but an illusion of who we think we are.....?....Namaste.....x

If YOU want PEACE.....Learn the heART of FOR-GIVE-NESS.....Namaste....x

If WE ALL were to share POSITIVE words with each other everyday....WE would assist each others GROWTH plus redesign OUR WHOLE WORLD.....Namaste....x


To hit rock bottom does not mean YOU are at the simply means a CHANGE IS NEEDED.....Namaste.....x

I AM committed to my SPIRITUAL GROWTH and no matter what....I AM NOT GIVING UP ON ME.....To GIVE UP on ME is to STOP BREATHING....Namaste....x

If YOU do NOT want to experience DISAPPOINTMENT....then expect NOTHING......ALL that YOU NEED is on its way to YOU anyway.......Embrace LOVE and have a MAGIKAL DAY....Namaste....x

WOMBman....oh WOMBman....I LOVE thee....YOU are beautifull in ALL of YOUR splendor and cr8ivity.....YOUR heart is full of LOVE naturally....YOU are open to your intuition....YOU touch ME and ALL things transform with your intention of MIND.......YOU care so much for ALL...YOU carry the weight upon your shoulders.....YOU cry for the nation and RISE after a FALL....oh WOMBman....I LOVE thee......Namaste....x

There are different parts of YOU...that make up YOUR WHOLE.....Do not feel guilty or ashamed for showing a part.....another part or ALL parts of YOU today....tomorrow...or next week....To deny ONE part of YOU is to deny the WHOLE of YOU.....Namaste....x

I have had another challenging day this month...withIN this challenge I saw ME more than I saw the challenge..I have used intense energy to assist ME in raising my VIBRATION back to balance..I AM growing....and RE-ALIGNin...g ALL at once..I deserve to rest NOW.....I need to rewire my WHOLE system....SLEEP is perfect for this TRANSMUTATION to take place..Take good care of YOU...Namaste....x

It is TIME to LIVE YOUR LIFE.......NOT by another's PROGRAMME....but by YOUR own....It is time to RELEASE the PAST and embrace the NOW.....Rid YOURSELF of the CURSE to become the MAGIK....Namaste....x

There are different parts of YOU...that make up YOUR WHOLE.....Do not feel guilty or ashamed for showing a part.....another part or ALL parts of YOU today....tomorrow...or next week....To deny ONE part of YOU is to deny the WHOLE of YOU.....Namaste....x

It is so easy to LOVE another when things are smooth sailing....The real test is to LOVE them even when the sea is rough......Namaste......x

I choose to stay withIN the highest vibration withIN is there I find balance and PEACE....Namaste...x

I SURRENDER......Namaste....x

YOU have seen another day.......Give thanx for another chance to be the best that YOU can be....Today choose to be a blessing and not a curse......for with YOUR words YOU can give another happiness or despair......First be K...IND to YOURself then to ALL that shares the path YOU walk on today.....Namaste....x

How to recognize when you are going through a Shamanic Test

Saturday, 8 August 2009

My Rituals......

ALL acts of LOVE and PLEASURE are MY RITUALS...I cast my spell with the words that I speak...I pour liabation as an offering to MY ANCESTORS...I gaze into the SUN and we embrace....I walk on the blades of root my being into EARTH MOTHER...I touch you with my MIND...caressing YOU with the flow of my imagination....I sooth your SOUL with the essence of my SOUL...We UNITE...SOUL2SOUL....x


Will You Lose YOUR SOUL...?

Tell me..what does it profit a man/woman to GAIN the whole world and LOSE their SOUL..? Materialism acts a trap...which has been designed to constantly consume YOU...YOU become a consumer of materials...Will your shoes and clothes save YOUR SOUL...will your house and car release you from the past....will your make up cover up your tears or wipe them away..WILL YOUR MONEY LAST FOREVER or will YOUR SOUL...?


Today is Healing Day.....

Good day beLOVEDs...Today is a good day to heal YOUR past...start by accepting who YOU are....the things YOU are not happy about and need to change....CHANGE it today...Don't forget to forgive yourself for anything YOU have done or have not is the day for YOU to LOVE yourself....YOU are who YOU have been waiting for...if YOU need support...ask for it.....there is much available...x


Sexual Energy

Why do we not talk about the most powerful energy on this planet openly...with honor and respect...? This energy I speak of is SEXUAL is our root life energy and if we are cut off from our root...we will surely die....We entered the earth plane ignited by sexual energy..SEXUAL ENERGY is FULL...COMPLETE...RAW....and transforms us....balances us...heals us...and connects us to the SOURCE..x



I AM high on LOVE vibrations....people transform in my presence.....I AM open and I give YOU my TRUE heART...I AM a GUIDE who will LEAD YOU to YOUR TRUE self...just by refelcting my TRUE SELF to YOU......I AM a mirror.....when YOU see me....YOU will see YOU too......Are you ready to take a look......?



We are going through a major change at this time....physical...emotional and spiritual..when we are going through these changes..we attract someone to help us through this phase of our experience..this person is YOUR GUIDE...and they serve YOU a purpose......x


Falling In LOVE

We often use the term "Falling IN LOVE"....what happens when one falls?....We lose control of our standing ability...and suddenly descend to the floor....on falling...we often hurt ourselves ....Falling IN LOVE can often cause one to is better to RISE IN LOVE....just like an ascending takes its time....smoothly rising to the top.....Together we RISE IN LOVE....Namaste....x

Beginning & End

There is no beginning and there is no ending......our LIFE is like a circle...what goes around...comes around.....when we think something is ending....something else is just beginning.....we are ever increasing circles......we ripple in and out of each others lives continuously.......Namaste......x


Do you think we can hurt one another and get away with it...?...Do we not know....when we hurt another we hurt ourselves.....If karma doesn't pay NOW it WILL pay later......Pay for your KARMIC debt and become debt FREE........KARMA NEVER FORGETS A DEBT....Namaste...x

Embrace The Essence

As I sit here absorbing ALL that is within me....I embrace the essence of my BEING....totally unattached from emotions swirling around inside of me......thinking how magikal my thoughts are.....and how I AM the cr8her of my life.......I have a sense of freedom that bestows upon me peace........I AM STILL..........Namaste.....x

The Sparkle

The sparkle within my eyes....are the reflection of my connection to HOME.....when you look within my will remember who and what you will be reminded of your DIVINE PURPOSE......The sparkle is the LIGHT to LOVE........come on in.......In to me you see.....Intimacy.......we are searching for LOVE inside of each other...because we know this is where LOVE lives........Come in side.....Namaste..

Your Strength

May I remind you.....there is nothing you can not and will not were born with just need to be reminded of where inside....your strength LIVES...your strength is birthed in your thoughts and how you process and focus upon are creating it ALL.....everything you need is ALL inside of not be dis-illusioned....remember your strength....YOU NEED IT....Namaste..x

Journey to The GREAT I AM

I would like to invite you on a journey...inside of YOU.....where you can LOVE and rememberance....(for full experience....listen with headphones)......Ready yourself to flow into your SOUL naturally.......Get ready to feel YOU AGAIN....Namaste.....x

Friday, 31 July 2009

Fear No More........

I have been released from the shackles and chains of FEAR
for once in my LIFE I do not feel FEAR
in no way form or shape
What a blissfull and liberating place to be
I AM standing tall and I AM embracing LOVE completely
YOU deserve it too....Namaste...x


Thursday, 30 July 2009

I AM in LABOUR.....

The other night late.....
I was talking on the phone with one of my kindred SOULS
While holding on to much turbulence inside of me
I knew the time would come
somehwere somehow
for me to release the emotions resting upon my C Spot.
It felt like little spasms internally
infecting me externally
driving me mentally insane
I could feel the pain increase....

Are you ok...
Yes I AM fine
No your not.....Release IT.

The pain was on top of me STRONG
So I layed upon the cold hard floor
readying myself to bring forth the past
As I layed on the floor with my knees raised to the ceiling
I could hear the voice of my near by midwife...

Release IT......

My body started to tremble
memories of old started to block my frontal
rapidly coming by then passing by
My body temperature dropped

Release IT......

The tears started to fall
The inside of my throat started to quiver
My speech was silent

Release IT.....

I need to push this past pain out of me
It is ready to be birthed OUT
It knows I need the space
So it is leaving today.....

The pain was something I cannot describe
I knew it would not last once gone
so I worked with it and my midwife
As the pain increased so did my groans and moans
I wanted to scream

Smoothly moving from one place to the next
third dimesnion straight into 5th dimension
from one dense body into a lighter body
An important part of my evolution and recoding of my genetic development.....
the fundamental ingredient for living in the fifth dimension is love

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Grounded for LIFE.....

Tree of OLD

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Feel Free To Leave a COMMENT....

You are more than welcome to leave me a comment/message within a comment......If you do not have a blogspot account please select the anonymous option to leave your comments without signing up.....I look forward to hearing from you ALL soon. Ty for being here....x



Where I AM
Is where I need to be
With me....
With no string of thoughts attached....

For once I AM feeling me without FEAR
For once I can let go without FEAR
For once I can think about you...without the FEAR of abandonment

I sense FREEdom
When you let go....I let go too
There is nothing more to hold on to but LOVE....


WE ARE.....

We are spiritual people.....we are gifted people.......we are people full of LIFE and experiences.....we are extra ordinary people......we are beautifull people........we are people who love to laugh....give...and be why are we not sharing ourselves with the WORLD.....?


Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Today is the day that has already been glad and rejoice in thankfull for the breath that has been is the GIFT OF LIFE.......Njoi.....x


Monday, 27 July 2009


I no longer need to prove myself to anyone
I no longer have to speak of my LOVE, as my actions will prevail

My truth is something that I have always spoken in the end
holding on to them
if they are to cause detrimental harm to another
they also say that the truth hurts
but it sets one free

You no longer have to speak your truth to me
just be it
you no longer have to search for truth
because the truth never got lost
its right there....right here

I feel things
I see things
and I know that my mind from time to time
may wonder away
but I have enough control within me to go after it
and bring it back into place

GODDESS/GOD please do not allow me to turn from this lesson
but to be forever patient
innerstanding and true
first to my feelings and then to others
I feel like walking a while
to help express these feelings into the atmosphere
into the elements
into the U-N-I-verse

Because right now ONLY the U-N-I-verse sees the bigger picture
I AM yet to see
only the ancestors know this road in which I travel
as they too have travelled the same road

I AM ready to spend some time with you
only this time I will not be afraid to do so
You and I need to talk
seriously need to talk
you have intimidated me for some time now
coming in and out of my life
when you darn well please
and I have allowed this
I have allowed this for many years
You have been a bully in my life
always picking arguements
waiting to fight
wanting to corner me into a corner
and make me feel like a victim
yes you have done this
you have caused me to feel alone and empty
my eyes filled with tears and my heart filled with sorrow
I have been your victim
you have tortured me when night had fallen
you have even entered my dreams
you were sometimes there in the morning
when I woke up and opened my eyes
ready to face my day within my REAlity
you always wanted me to know that you were near
you never wanted me to be distant from me
well I AM awake NOW
and my eyes are open and I can see you so clearly
more and more clearer than before
and guess what
you don't scare me no more
do you hear me?
YOU don't scare me ANYMORE....

So if you want us to fight and play your game
I AM ready
or we can deal with this my way and do as I tell you to do
DISAPPEAR from my life
my thoughts
my dreams
and my REALity
unless you have time to waste

I know you now
and you are not even REAL
you have been created by me
and since I AM the one who created you
I today uncreate you and invent you no more
it has been many lessons knowing you


Dealing With The LOVE of SELF............

Dealing with SELF is far from the easiest thing to do
I Know
Whilst dealing with SELF it effects the people that are around you
in some way form or shape
When you are dealing with SELF
only you truely know what you need to deal with
I need to deal with myself

I feel like I AM in the middle
maybe because I AM
wanting just to LOVE FREEly
express my LOVE without FEELing guilty for doing so
The LOVE that I AM receiving (which is so much)
is ALL the LOVE that I have given out in the past
and still continue to give out
I now real eyes I have given out so much LOVE unCONDITIONal

I just want to LOVE and be LOVED back
there is nothing wrong with this
this is so natural
I know this is what we all seek
it is what we all need
its what stabilises our journey
our minds
our emotions
our LIVES.......

The lack of LOVE is so detrimental to the survival of us human beings
The lack of LOVE causes so much
heART aches
pain and even DEATH....
How do you not give LOVE when YOU know it is what they need?
Especially when you have it to give
It is very difficult
I was born to LOVE
I LOVE to LOVE....

It is so hard to find that someone who can totally be yourself with
who you can cry with
laugh with
talk with
innerstand with
shout at
be shouted at
act up with
be weak with
be strong with and no matter what that LOVE remains unconditional

To find LOVE that has no conditions is very hard to find
I have found this LOVE

A pure LOVE
A beautifull LOVE
a innerstanding LOVE
a giving LOVE
that knows no boundaries
that is real
that is always willing
pls allow me to LOVE freely
pls I need to express this
I need to receive it
It helps me to GROW
to KNOW me......

I see mYSELF in you
thats why I LOVE YOU
I see mySELF in YOU
thats why I want to be close with YOU
I see mySELF in you thats why it's hard to imagine life without YOU
I see mySELF in you thats why I have time and patience with YOU
I see mySELF in you, thats why I can say I need YOU


Read My Apoca-lips

Media war without end
Is it really news or propaganda?
The more you watch the tell-lie-vision is the less you will know
Is the world news covered or covered up?
Reporters are told what to write
It will never ever be fair xchanging blood for oil
Dakini Goddess blogspot is not a platform for propaganda it is a platform for truth


What Will It BE.....?

What will it be? How will it all end? How will I die? Will the over heated sun fry my black skin until I can fry no more? Will the sea, rivers and lakes wash away all my sins, baptizing my humaness and allowing my spirit to be born again?

Will the invisible wind fool us all and come from each corners of the earth making us all vanish into the hemisphere, like ashes to ashes and dust to dust?

Things as you know it will no longer be. Life as you know it is about to change. In the midst of chaos more chaos will begin to breed. No law and order, well not the one we once depended upon.

Will this all happen within the twinkling of an eye, not allowing us anytime to fear? If it can happen to them, then it can and may happen to us too. 911, Katrina, The Tsunami.

I mean they only see us as wasteful humans, they blame the damage of the ozone layers on us. Can you believe that? Hell no! I believe that not!

Is it about natural disasters caused by the damaged ozone layer? Or are these all planned man made catastrophe's? As it always has been about greed, power, control, oh not forgetting population control. But I ask this question. What population are they attempting to control? Is this control got anything to do with my colour or the colour of money?

How many will suffer? How many will accept death? How many will be ready to embrace other different varieties of interdimensions? Don't panic the shift is on its way. The awakening will begin, ready or not. It will come. Will there be any help? The only real help there is, is to detach urself, your mind, your spirit from this world and move yourself over on to the other side.

You will hear that help is on it's way and you will look for the help, but it won't come to help you. You are the help. This is SYS (Save Your Soul)! Over and out!



Who and what I am still remain's a mystery to myself, so to try and explain me to you will remain a mystery. I am who I am in this moment of being.

My passion is seeking truth, reality, spirituality and high-self. The truth is not something that can be discovered through knowledge alone but rather through experience which leads you to the concept of knowing. The truth has to be experienced and can never be said.

In order to find truth for yourself, everything must be questioned and I cannot leave any thing unturned. The plan for the rest of my earthly life is to strip away all illusions & delusions and to find the real answers of who and what I truly am. I know this will require a deeper understanding of myself and that is done through serious self discovery.

If you know the ego, it is our false self and must be released to understand truth, but it doesn't want to leave and knows us well.

In My MIND I Travel

In my mind I travel within the particles still attaching itself to fractions of the past. Into the past I travel, the transport being my emotion and feelings. The ride is long, painful and familiar. This journey reminds me of dejavue. I think I know how it all ends. It ends in pain and destruction. I guess that’s one side of looking at it. The other side is that experience brings forth learning, leading to growth.

But why do I feel like I shouldn't be on this journey again. I do know a lesson is repeated until it is learnt. Have I not learnt this lesson?

Take control of mind, words and deeds. Direct your focus, channel your desires to the places that assist your growth. Know what you need and do not allow only attraction towards your wants. What you want might make you cry and what you need might pass you by.

Start LOVE-IN-YOU.....

Who really wants to keep on hiding in the misery of FEAR and doubt.....who wants to continue wearing the mask that hides the pain and despair.......who wants to pretend to be living when inside you are really dying.......who wants to carry on speaking words that mean you no good......who wants to keep on saying "I AM SORRY".......who wants to exist without really LIVING.....I DON' live is to LOVE.....start LOVE-IN-YOU........x


Can I TOUCH YOU.....?

If I touch you will I feel that LOVE that I have always longed for
Can I touch you so that I may connect back home
I touch you because I AM lonely
I long for INTIMACY = in to me you see
If I smell you will I smell harmony
that harmony that has a symphony
that symphony that once resonated within me
Can I smell you
Can I smell that sweet smelling essence
that holds me in your presence
I smell you because I smell me
I smell you
If I taste you
will you allow me to continue to follow where my appetite leads me to
leading me to feast on the flesh of morality
Can I taste you
I long for that taste that excites me
that gives me the taste for knowledge
I taste you
because you gave me your mind on a plate of gold to eat as I pleased
Full of LOVE
that has an harmony that resonates within me
that forever will feed my many bodies
I AM full enough to share these senses & emotions
to enable others around me, besides me to feast from this beauty, surely and purely...