Monday, 12 April 2010


It is ALL WAYS a BLESSIN to cross paths with MOOJI...BEIN IN his presence confirms MUCH for ME....YOUR huggs and LOVE are ALL WAYS welcome....Thank YOU...x

Dakini Goddess Collection (8) Quotes

I AM not here to SAVE THE WORLD...Jesus came and he didnt save the world...Hari Krishna came and he didnt save the world...Muhammad came and he didnt save the world...Buddha came and he didnt save the world...Mary of Magdalene came and she was hidden from the world...I ONEder why...?...x

The hardest but the quick fit way to rid YOUR KARMIC DEBTS is to FORGIVE...Are YOU READY...?...x

Acceptance is the helps to give birth to FREEDOM and removes ATTACHMENT...x

The DIVINE FEMININE is the DIVINE Solution...for the WHOLEY INTERGRATION of the ONENESS Consciousness...neither energies can do this separately...They MUST join together as ONE...this is the WHOLEY MARRIAGE of ONENESS...FEMININE and MASCULINE...x

WE NEED both FRIENDS and ENEMIES..they are both ANGELS IN disguise..they represent DARK and LIGHT..and have been assigned to assist US IN OUR EVOLUTION...Sometimes the two emerge as ONE and this produces FRENEMIES...They produce the GREY areas IN OUR LIVES and teaches US the hardest lessons...YOUR INtuition is still YOUR BEST FRIEND and will ALL WAYS be there when YOU need to SEE is ALL WAYS RIGHT FOR YOU...x

WE are ALL a part of the same DIVINE ENERGY and WE should SEEK to have compassion for ONE another.....x

LOVE NEVER has to say "I'm sorry"....x

There is ONLY ONE WAY HOME and this way is through LOVE....LOVE IS THE WAY HOME...x

Each time WE reMEMBER the TRUTH of who WE are....WE bring more LIGHT INto the world.....reMEMBER who YOU are...x


Today I SURRENDER to LIFE...I will no longer FEAR what is behind ME or what is ahead of ME...Today I CHOOSE to TRUST...IN LOVE I TRUST...x

YOU have wings...NOW FLY...x


Every single person who has GRACED YOUR PATH has been for a DIVINE PURPOSE...some leave and some remain...The ONEs who have left have served their purpose and the ONEs who remain are still servIN their PURPOSE...every single person IN YOUR LIFE is a BLESSIN...recognise this simply and GIVE THANKS....x

☮♥☥∞∞ ☯ ミ ☸ ☆ ☸ ミ ☯ ∞∞ ☮♥☥ * I AM the Breath YOU Breath * I AM the Creations YOU Manifest and Weave * I AM the LOVE YOU ARE * I AM A BRIGHTLY LIT STAR * I AM Conscious * I AM YOU...x

The first 4 magikal letters of HEALTH is HEAL...The ONLY way to be HEALthy is to HEAL...from INside OUT....x

When someONE or something prevents YOU from sleepIN...then that someONE or something is a potential blockage IN YOUR LIFE which may either NEED to be REMOVED or that someONE or something which prevents YOU from sleepIN is showIN YOU something YOU DESPERATELY MUST DEAL WITH INTERNALLY...NOO...NE or NOTHING should be robbIN YOUR SLEEP....x

IN the MIDNIGHT hour I went to HELL...then withIN the midst of MY over heated MIND....I reMEMBERed I had WINGS and flew out of the firey furnace without ONE burn....I AM a peaceFULL WARRIOR ready and armed to breakdown EVERY STRONGHOLD IN MY LIFE...LOVE continues to PROTECT ME...NO WEAPONS formed against ME shall prosper...IN LOVE I TRUST....x

If YOU think it...then so shall it be....x

The AWARENESS of YOUR MIND HIGHtens with YOUR TRUTH...and nothing else but YOUR TRUTH....x

IF YOU wake UP tomorrow...reMEMBER to give thanx...for each day is a BLESSED OPPORTUNITY to reMEMBER THE DIVINE BEAUTY and PURPOSE of YOUR EXISTENCE...take nothing or noone for granted...WE are ALL on borrowed time...GoodNight well...SEE YOU on the other side....x

Reach OUT and TOUCH somebody's hand...make this world a better place if YOU CAN (Diana Ross)...Forsake the judgement...the criticism...the past...the unforgiveness...the fear...the condemnation and create the U-N-I-ty NEEDED to elevate OUR community...WE have been CHOSEN and WE have made ...the CHOICE to SERVE ONE another...SERVE IN LOVE...x

Those who think they are SUPERIOR are ONLY hideIN their INFERIOR....x

There comes a time IN OUR LIVES when WE MUST become RESPONSIBLE for OURSELVES..WE canNOT ALL WAYS take on the burden of others..When WE are good with SELF then WE will be good with ALL....WE will have enough energy withIN to share with others so that WE can assist them IN their healIN..but... before then...HEAL THYSELF....x

WISEDOM comes from experiences....The more experiences YOU endure and complete is the WISER YOU WILL become....x

WE don't like bringIN OUR pain to the surface...because it really hurts....but...this is ONE of the ESSENTIAL processes WE must do IN order to shed the layers of unwanted skin and GROW beyond here and NOW...x

If YOU dont KNOW...YOU will KNOW soon...x

When YOU are ready to FACE YOURSELF....YOUR FEAR will disappear....x

Allow YOURSELF to experience LOVE again...OPEN YOUR heART...REMOVE the hard external shell...give YOURSELF the permission to FEEL what YOU TRUEly FEEL..Express YOUR TRUTH..Sit a little while with YOURSELF IN consultation...ask YOURSELF the necessary QUESTIONS and wait IN silence for the ANSW...ERS..they will's time to MOVE ON..A NEW experience awaits YOU..x

Sometimes things IN YOUR MIND can get so OVERWHELMIN YOU FEEL like giveIN up...It's at this point YOU should either ask for assistance or TRUST YOUR HIGHER SELF to bring YOU through the passIN cloud....The cloud will eventually pass if YOU allow it to...x

Guilt is like a rockIN keeps YOU goIN back and forth.... but it gets YOU no where...x

BE good with YOUR MIND and be KIND to YOURSELF...x

Saturday, 3 April 2010

The Dangers Of Processed Foods

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

21 Days and Beyond Raw Journey

GreetINs to ONE and ALL

Thank YOU for takeIN the time out to read about MY "21 Days and Beyond Raw Journey".
I have been on this path before and KNOW where it will or can lead ME. The last time I was here...I journeyed for a period of 8 months. I was INspired to assist MY BODY to HEAL itself due to beIN diagnosed with Pre Cancerous Cells (In My cervix). I refused to allow fear to dictate to ME and straight away took control NATURES WAY.

I have been re-educateIN MYSELF for a very long time NOW and had a GOOD IDEA about how to reverse the damage which I had INflicted upon MY Body....this is when I decided to TRUST NATURE and I to work together IN bringIN MY body back INto BALANCE and HARMONY.

When I received the medical results I wanted..I KNEW the healIN was COMPLTETED.
What did I do..?
I returned back to the food which had caused the imbalance in the first place...WE are creatures of habit and returned to MY old they say "old habits die hard".

I was a SLAVE to food and I AM not afraid to admit this...I was addicted to the taste and the comfort food gave to ME...It is a massive social tool...used by the massess...and I was no exception...I was heavily INcluded IN the FOOD TRAP.

So hear I AM again...this is MY third day and I AM feelIN alert and alive...positive and motivated to take this "21 Days and Beyond Raw Journey" one step at a time.

I AM not promiseIN to blog everyday...but when I AM INspired to...This journey for ME goes beyond a phase..this is something I KNOW (deep withIN ME) I must adapt as a Life Style if I AM to advance and evolve beyond the 3rd and 4th Dimension.

I strongly believe there are particular types of food created especially to keep us on a low level of existence...The more we eat is the more we SLEEP...and I NEED to stay AWAKE.

Watch this space...I will be back....Om Shanti Om

Foiling the Oyster Card

Many people are worried about the privacy implications of the new Transport for London Oyster Smart Card. This promises greater convenience (and some introductory discounted fares) for travel on London Underground railways and Bus services, at the cost of greater surveillance of individuals, since each Oyster Card is uniquely numbered, and has to be swiped at the start and end of each journey. This self tracking behavior is reinforced by the poster advertising campaign and the policy of charging the maximum possible fare unless you swipe the card past the reader at the end of your journey, not just at the start.

The season ticket versions of the card have name and address and credit card details associated with them. Even the new pre-pay cards, which are more anonymous, unless you use a credit card or choose to register the card, still have a unique tracking serial number which can be tied to the omnipresent CCTV Surveillance on London Underground, and increasingly even on London Buses.

The system uses contactless MIFARE based smart cards with distinctive yellow readers at Tube station barriers and on buses.

There is no authentication mechanism e.g. a Personal Identification Number as with "Chip and PIN" credit cards, it depends only on whether the Oyster card is within range of a reader, typically 10 centimetres or so for the readers currently deployed by Transport for London (which is far less than what the equipment is actually capable of). The only security against being accidentaly overcharged or having your private details read or associated with a particular Oyster Card by people operating their own MIFARE scanners, is to shield the Oyster Card from unwanted radio signals. These private details includes information about the last 10 or so trips that you have made, which is data stored directly on the card, and which will be available to the 3rd party retailers who come on board the "electronic purse" aspects of the scheme.

The MIFARE system uses one of the Industrial Scientific Medical licence free frequencies at 13.56 MHz, so it is not illegal for other people to have or to use their own reader equipment.

One way to preserve your privacy somewhat is to shield the Oyster Card with aluminium kitchen foil. This seems to block the readers on the charge up ticket machines even when only the back of the Oyster Card is shielded i.e. you have to remove the Oyster Card from the shielded holder for it to be read/charged up:


Even if, like us, you do not think that non-Oyster Card readers are very common yet, there is still a case for shielding your Oyster Card. especially the pre-paid one which currently only operates in the central zones 1 to 3. If you travel into London from outside these zones, on a paper ticket which you present to the slot in a Tube ticket barrier on your right, you do not want money to be deducted from your zone 1 to 3 Oyster Card as well - it depends on your physical size as to how close the Oyster Card readers are to whatever pocket or handbag etc you keep your card in.

Similar use of aluminium foil to line pockets or handbags or shopping bags etc. will also block RFID tags on consumer items which have not been "killed" or disabled at the checkout (again, more of a potential problem in the future, rather than a big risk at the moment).

However, if you choose to use such radio frequency shielding techniques, be aware, that you currently run the risk of being suspected of carrying concealed weapons or explosives by the operators of the still rare but controversial "see under your, or your childrens', clothes" Passive Millimetre Wave Radar cameras and scanners being tested by the Police and other military security forces.


We are getting visitors directed to this article via links from discussions about the security and privacy problems with the new US Biometric passport.

This involves some international "bait and switch" propaganda e.g. the US and UK governments claim "we have to introduce biometric passports because that is what the International Civil Aviation Organisation says we have to do."

Speak to anyone in the ICAO and they say "we are specifying biometric passports because the US and UK government were pushing this policy"

Biometric Passports need a chip inside them, and for some astonishing reason, probably to do with commercial lobbying, the ICAO has specified a contactless smartcard solution. All well and good, except that this is not a very tight specification, and the US Government, has chosen not to use any encryption in its passports, i.e. they have ignored all the technology and experience gained through the issue of millions of Mifare type contactless travel smartcards, like the Oyster card.

This means that US citizines will have their passport details secretely read , through their clothing or luggae, by unauthorised standard reader devices, some of which could be operating with more sensitive antenna and amplification in excess of the normal off the shelf equipment which has to obey local radio frequency allocation power limit regulations. This is a threat to the privacy of US citizens(and any other country stupid enough to copy the US system). In the worst case, there will be terrorist bombs and booby traps triggered by a specific individual's US Passport, or a generic "are there sufficient US passport holders in the imm3ediate area" type detonation command.

The way to overcome this is obviouslty to shield the passport in the same way as the Oyster Card above. However the same laws of physics apply, so you cannot put the chip and antenna into the cover of the passport if you intend to shield it with aluminium etc.

You end up having to have a thickly laminated page, effectively a smartcard , bound into the passport booklet (border control visa ink pad stamps are not going to be phased out). You could then shield the covers of the passport booklet.

This means that instead of a convenient, rapid check like the Oyster card, such a passport will involve fumbling to get the covers open to expose the smartcard page inside, and then presenting it to the reader device. Why on earth couldn't they have used a contact smartcard, like millions of "Chip and PIN" credit cards, or an optical barcode system, which can be read by laser without the risk of it ever being read secretly through your clothes or luggae by radio ?

If the US style passport is not shielded (still an option), and people go for the home brew or commercial (there must be millions of leather and other passport wallets on the market) shielded passport holder, then experience with the Oyster Card shows that you will have to remove the passport from this shielded wallet for it to work. Simply flipping it open will not be sufficient, especially if the offical passport readers are deliberately detuned to only work at a vey short range (so as not to get confused by the next people in the invetiable queue).

All the worries about "see under your clothes" snooping devices applies even more to such shielded passports - this equipment is being introduced in airports first, as it is still expensive. Therefore there will be a number of "false positives" where people are suspected of carrying weapons, explosives or drugs, simply on the basis of their shielded passport holders which will show up in high contrast aginst their "naked" bodies.

Obviously when this happens too many times, the security gurds will become lax, and criminals will start to smuggle small amounts of drugs, explosives or sharp weapons, within the shielded passport holder itself.

Say NO to the VACCINE

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Dakini Goddess Collection (7) Quotes

Trials and tribulations will present themselves before YOU for ONE reason ONLY and that reason is to assist YOUR matter which way YOU look at it...this is the ULTIMATE the best thing YOU can do for YOURSELF (first) is to TRUELY FORGIVE YOURSELF...then FORGIVE others......for there is NO other WAY YOU can TRUELY MOVE ON....x

Thought is REAL...Physical is the ILLUSION...x

I AM FREE from the constraints of thoughts and doubts which mechanically belong to others...I AM on a spiritual JOURNEY which shall proceed regardless of what may or may not come...I AM more than MY MIND and more than what another MIND may perceive ME to BE...I AM LOVE and LOVE is FREE to LOVE...x

When it comes to personal LOVE...WE are mostly SELF absorbed...with a long list of endless requirements...with projections and expections and it is ALL about what WE want and NEED...For these reasons I SEEK UNIVERSAL LOVE...which is boundless...requires and expects nothing IN return..with NO conditions or agreements..x

UNIVERSAL LOVE is so steadfast and passionate and natural and Mmmmmmm...This is the LOVE I LIVE and forever more...x

Stay open to YOUR TRUTH...speak it....cry it...shout it....laugh it....but just don't silence it....YOU NEED IT...x

Lust NEVER last too long and is ALL WAYS hungry.....LOVE is ETERNAL and FOREVER SATISFIED....The difference is OBVIOUS...x

DETACH from YOUR THOUGHTS and GO with the WIND..x

LOVE for SELF is GROWIN withIN is such a blissfULL and totally DETACHED feelIN....I taste FREEdom withIN MY QUEENdom....x



Whom so ever comes INto MY VORTEX.....WILL FIND their SELF through the LOVE which LIVES withIN ME..x

Who wants to feel INsecure for the rest of their LIFE...Who wants to battle with envy and jealousy another day....Who wants to hide IN fear behind false pretense...Who wants to walk with their head down and a heavy heart...Who wants to continue to abuse SELF verbally and emotionally....Who wants to continue fe...eding off the past...?....I KNOW I DEFINITELY DON'T....GIVE ME LOVE NOW...x

When YOU begin to think of someONE more than YOU think of YOURSELF.....then YOU are IN SERIOUS TROUBLE...x

When someone TAKES OVER YOUR THOUGHTS.... MIND and HEART begINs to cross the borders of POSSESSION or OBSSESSION which is NOT LOVE....LOVE FREES the MIND and HEART space and makes room withIN for more then ONE person....NOONE should be consumeIN our thoughts IN this is a clear INdication of an UNHEALthy ATTACHMENT which is IN desperate NEED of DETACHIN or HEALIN....It is time to become SELF FOCUSED (NOT SELFISH).....Who will YOU think of today...?

I AM on MY WAY to look for LOVE IN EVERYTHING..x


If there is someone YOU have wronged or have is the PERFECT DAY to say "I AM SORRY"....holdIN on to malice withIN YOUR MIND or HEART space will slowly take away from the BEAUTY YOU ARE....I guarantee YOU WILL FEEL a WHOLE lot peaceFULL withIN when the work is done.......stay IN the LIGHT ALL WAYS..x

I have stepped BEYOND the ordinary world...x

YOU do NOT need to attract LIFE FORCE....YOU are ALL READY LIFE FORCE...x


Many are CALLED and ALL are chosen....If YOU CHOOSE..x

MY emotions (energy IN motion) are the JUICE of ALL MY experiences.....x


There is something YOU NEED to do IN YOUR LIFE which is a CRUCIAL component to YOUR GROWTH and ADVANCEment..YOU have been putting it off for quite a while NOW...YOU have had clear INstructions and have thought much about it...but yet still YOU have not made the FUNDAMENTAL leap to complete... this task...I SEE it is FEAR which has YOU tied...holdIN YOU back from takeIN this INitial progression....This week is the duration IN which YOU MUST choose to confront YOUR FEAR...YOU have MUCH CELESTIAL SUPPORT every step of the way...At the moment YOU proceed forward SUCCESS AWAITS YOU..Believe IN YOURSELF and YOUR abilities...This YOUR DESTINI... Let it BEGIN....x

LOVE is GOOD TO ME and for ME.....x

If WE TRUEly NEW LOVE....WE would NO longer be HURTIN and WE would NO longer HURT others....x

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Event In HOLLAND - Awaken The Goddess WithIN

In collaboration with Mariposa Import and Màrshé Breda, the Afro European Sisters Network and Women of the African Diaspora organize the workshop Awaken the Goddess Within.

Awakening the Goddess Within is an invitation to awaken your feminine source of power. It is about nourishing a woman from the roots of her being and empowering her from the inside out. Acknowledging your value, beauty and self-worth as a woman is essential to awakening the Goddess within you. Are ready to awaken your goddess within? If so, then this workshop is the space and place for you to meet with your Goddess and other Goddess’s a like.

Program Saturday 24 april 2010:

- 09.30 – 10.00 Arrival

- 10.00 – 12.00 Workshop Jurne Azubiah aka Dakini Goddess/Divine Blu (UK)

- 12.00 – 13.00 Lunch

- 13.00 – 15.00 Workshop Jurne Azubiah aka Dakini Goddess/Divine Blu (UK)

- 15.00 – 15.30 Koffie pauze

- 15.30 – 16.30 Workshop Lori van Echtelt (NL/US)

- 16.30 – 17.30 Màrshé Breda

- 17.30 – 18.00 Socialize

Workshop Awaken the Goddess Within by Jurne Azubiah aka Dakini Goddess/Divine Blu.

Workshop Hair and Self by Lori van Echtelt

Workshop Food/ Culture and Enterperneurship by Màrshé Breda

Where: Oneness Africa
Chr. Huygensstraat 44
4816 BK Breda (The Netherlands)

Price: 25,= euro

Reservations via:

More info soon!