Friday, 31 July 2009

Fear No More........

I have been released from the shackles and chains of FEAR
for once in my LIFE I do not feel FEAR
in no way form or shape
What a blissfull and liberating place to be
I AM standing tall and I AM embracing LOVE completely
YOU deserve it too....Namaste...x


Thursday, 30 July 2009

I AM in LABOUR.....

The other night late.....
I was talking on the phone with one of my kindred SOULS
While holding on to much turbulence inside of me
I knew the time would come
somehwere somehow
for me to release the emotions resting upon my C Spot.
It felt like little spasms internally
infecting me externally
driving me mentally insane
I could feel the pain increase....

Are you ok...
Yes I AM fine
No your not.....Release IT.

The pain was on top of me STRONG
So I layed upon the cold hard floor
readying myself to bring forth the past
As I layed on the floor with my knees raised to the ceiling
I could hear the voice of my near by midwife...

Release IT......

My body started to tremble
memories of old started to block my frontal
rapidly coming by then passing by
My body temperature dropped

Release IT......

The tears started to fall
The inside of my throat started to quiver
My speech was silent

Release IT.....

I need to push this past pain out of me
It is ready to be birthed OUT
It knows I need the space
So it is leaving today.....

The pain was something I cannot describe
I knew it would not last once gone
so I worked with it and my midwife
As the pain increased so did my groans and moans
I wanted to scream

Smoothly moving from one place to the next
third dimesnion straight into 5th dimension
from one dense body into a lighter body
An important part of my evolution and recoding of my genetic development.....
the fundamental ingredient for living in the fifth dimension is love

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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Feel Free To Leave a COMMENT....

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Where I AM
Is where I need to be
With me....
With no string of thoughts attached....

For once I AM feeling me without FEAR
For once I can let go without FEAR
For once I can think about you...without the FEAR of abandonment

I sense FREEdom
When you let go....I let go too
There is nothing more to hold on to but LOVE....


WE ARE.....

We are spiritual people.....we are gifted people.......we are people full of LIFE and experiences.....we are extra ordinary people......we are beautifull people........we are people who love to laugh....give...and be why are we not sharing ourselves with the WORLD.....?


Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Today is the day that has already been glad and rejoice in thankfull for the breath that has been is the GIFT OF LIFE.......Njoi.....x


Monday, 27 July 2009


I no longer need to prove myself to anyone
I no longer have to speak of my LOVE, as my actions will prevail

My truth is something that I have always spoken in the end
holding on to them
if they are to cause detrimental harm to another
they also say that the truth hurts
but it sets one free

You no longer have to speak your truth to me
just be it
you no longer have to search for truth
because the truth never got lost
its right there....right here

I feel things
I see things
and I know that my mind from time to time
may wonder away
but I have enough control within me to go after it
and bring it back into place

GODDESS/GOD please do not allow me to turn from this lesson
but to be forever patient
innerstanding and true
first to my feelings and then to others
I feel like walking a while
to help express these feelings into the atmosphere
into the elements
into the U-N-I-verse

Because right now ONLY the U-N-I-verse sees the bigger picture
I AM yet to see
only the ancestors know this road in which I travel
as they too have travelled the same road

I AM ready to spend some time with you
only this time I will not be afraid to do so
You and I need to talk
seriously need to talk
you have intimidated me for some time now
coming in and out of my life
when you darn well please
and I have allowed this
I have allowed this for many years
You have been a bully in my life
always picking arguements
waiting to fight
wanting to corner me into a corner
and make me feel like a victim
yes you have done this
you have caused me to feel alone and empty
my eyes filled with tears and my heart filled with sorrow
I have been your victim
you have tortured me when night had fallen
you have even entered my dreams
you were sometimes there in the morning
when I woke up and opened my eyes
ready to face my day within my REAlity
you always wanted me to know that you were near
you never wanted me to be distant from me
well I AM awake NOW
and my eyes are open and I can see you so clearly
more and more clearer than before
and guess what
you don't scare me no more
do you hear me?
YOU don't scare me ANYMORE....

So if you want us to fight and play your game
I AM ready
or we can deal with this my way and do as I tell you to do
DISAPPEAR from my life
my thoughts
my dreams
and my REALity
unless you have time to waste

I know you now
and you are not even REAL
you have been created by me
and since I AM the one who created you
I today uncreate you and invent you no more
it has been many lessons knowing you


Dealing With The LOVE of SELF............

Dealing with SELF is far from the easiest thing to do
I Know
Whilst dealing with SELF it effects the people that are around you
in some way form or shape
When you are dealing with SELF
only you truely know what you need to deal with
I need to deal with myself

I feel like I AM in the middle
maybe because I AM
wanting just to LOVE FREEly
express my LOVE without FEELing guilty for doing so
The LOVE that I AM receiving (which is so much)
is ALL the LOVE that I have given out in the past
and still continue to give out
I now real eyes I have given out so much LOVE unCONDITIONal

I just want to LOVE and be LOVED back
there is nothing wrong with this
this is so natural
I know this is what we all seek
it is what we all need
its what stabilises our journey
our minds
our emotions
our LIVES.......

The lack of LOVE is so detrimental to the survival of us human beings
The lack of LOVE causes so much
heART aches
pain and even DEATH....
How do you not give LOVE when YOU know it is what they need?
Especially when you have it to give
It is very difficult
I was born to LOVE
I LOVE to LOVE....

It is so hard to find that someone who can totally be yourself with
who you can cry with
laugh with
talk with
innerstand with
shout at
be shouted at
act up with
be weak with
be strong with and no matter what that LOVE remains unconditional

To find LOVE that has no conditions is very hard to find
I have found this LOVE

A pure LOVE
A beautifull LOVE
a innerstanding LOVE
a giving LOVE
that knows no boundaries
that is real
that is always willing
pls allow me to LOVE freely
pls I need to express this
I need to receive it
It helps me to GROW
to KNOW me......

I see mYSELF in you
thats why I LOVE YOU
I see mySELF in YOU
thats why I want to be close with YOU
I see mySELF in you thats why it's hard to imagine life without YOU
I see mySELF in you thats why I have time and patience with YOU
I see mySELF in you, thats why I can say I need YOU


Read My Apoca-lips

Media war without end
Is it really news or propaganda?
The more you watch the tell-lie-vision is the less you will know
Is the world news covered or covered up?
Reporters are told what to write
It will never ever be fair xchanging blood for oil
Dakini Goddess blogspot is not a platform for propaganda it is a platform for truth


What Will It BE.....?

What will it be? How will it all end? How will I die? Will the over heated sun fry my black skin until I can fry no more? Will the sea, rivers and lakes wash away all my sins, baptizing my humaness and allowing my spirit to be born again?

Will the invisible wind fool us all and come from each corners of the earth making us all vanish into the hemisphere, like ashes to ashes and dust to dust?

Things as you know it will no longer be. Life as you know it is about to change. In the midst of chaos more chaos will begin to breed. No law and order, well not the one we once depended upon.

Will this all happen within the twinkling of an eye, not allowing us anytime to fear? If it can happen to them, then it can and may happen to us too. 911, Katrina, The Tsunami.

I mean they only see us as wasteful humans, they blame the damage of the ozone layers on us. Can you believe that? Hell no! I believe that not!

Is it about natural disasters caused by the damaged ozone layer? Or are these all planned man made catastrophe's? As it always has been about greed, power, control, oh not forgetting population control. But I ask this question. What population are they attempting to control? Is this control got anything to do with my colour or the colour of money?

How many will suffer? How many will accept death? How many will be ready to embrace other different varieties of interdimensions? Don't panic the shift is on its way. The awakening will begin, ready or not. It will come. Will there be any help? The only real help there is, is to detach urself, your mind, your spirit from this world and move yourself over on to the other side.

You will hear that help is on it's way and you will look for the help, but it won't come to help you. You are the help. This is SYS (Save Your Soul)! Over and out!



Who and what I am still remain's a mystery to myself, so to try and explain me to you will remain a mystery. I am who I am in this moment of being.

My passion is seeking truth, reality, spirituality and high-self. The truth is not something that can be discovered through knowledge alone but rather through experience which leads you to the concept of knowing. The truth has to be experienced and can never be said.

In order to find truth for yourself, everything must be questioned and I cannot leave any thing unturned. The plan for the rest of my earthly life is to strip away all illusions & delusions and to find the real answers of who and what I truly am. I know this will require a deeper understanding of myself and that is done through serious self discovery.

If you know the ego, it is our false self and must be released to understand truth, but it doesn't want to leave and knows us well.

In My MIND I Travel

In my mind I travel within the particles still attaching itself to fractions of the past. Into the past I travel, the transport being my emotion and feelings. The ride is long, painful and familiar. This journey reminds me of dejavue. I think I know how it all ends. It ends in pain and destruction. I guess that’s one side of looking at it. The other side is that experience brings forth learning, leading to growth.

But why do I feel like I shouldn't be on this journey again. I do know a lesson is repeated until it is learnt. Have I not learnt this lesson?

Take control of mind, words and deeds. Direct your focus, channel your desires to the places that assist your growth. Know what you need and do not allow only attraction towards your wants. What you want might make you cry and what you need might pass you by.

Start LOVE-IN-YOU.....

Who really wants to keep on hiding in the misery of FEAR and doubt.....who wants to continue wearing the mask that hides the pain and despair.......who wants to pretend to be living when inside you are really dying.......who wants to carry on speaking words that mean you no good......who wants to keep on saying "I AM SORRY".......who wants to exist without really LIVING.....I DON' live is to LOVE.....start LOVE-IN-YOU........x


Can I TOUCH YOU.....?

If I touch you will I feel that LOVE that I have always longed for
Can I touch you so that I may connect back home
I touch you because I AM lonely
I long for INTIMACY = in to me you see
If I smell you will I smell harmony
that harmony that has a symphony
that symphony that once resonated within me
Can I smell you
Can I smell that sweet smelling essence
that holds me in your presence
I smell you because I smell me
I smell you
If I taste you
will you allow me to continue to follow where my appetite leads me to
leading me to feast on the flesh of morality
Can I taste you
I long for that taste that excites me
that gives me the taste for knowledge
I taste you
because you gave me your mind on a plate of gold to eat as I pleased
Full of LOVE
that has an harmony that resonates within me
that forever will feed my many bodies
I AM full enough to share these senses & emotions
to enable others around me, besides me to feast from this beauty, surely and purely...

I AM driving MY MIND .......

I AM NOW wondering if everyday will be the same....just with a different flavour.....It's not as though I AM not trying to cr8 the balance....but what exactly AM I trying to balance.....? many different flavours....I can't taste anything......

Going through many tunnels at near enough the same time......driving down narrow roads.....needing to stay focused so I don't hit the side walk......

As the view becomes clear and the drive becomes obstacle flies in front of me that causes me to lose track of my attention.....did I forget to mention.....I AM tired of driving.....?

The drive alone in the car is empty.....but spacious......I dont't mind riding alone....the melody that escapes the speakers situated to my left and to my right is captivating and opening up my memory bank........Hmmmmm maybe I need to change the tune...... and just drive in silence......

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Thank You siSTARS......x

Thank you to ALL the siSTARS who graced us with your presence...our circle was filled is the safest place to be your trueself.....without judgement and ridicule.....join us next month for our MONTHLY out for updates.....This was definitely "The All Purpose Seasoning" - Robs.....Lets continue to keep the fire


My Pulse Is Now Stable

The search begins and the longing kicks in......its like a panting of deep thirst....its like a drug the withdrawls of INtense emotions begins to creep behind you like the hunter who will soon be open up to the mouth which has strategically called your temperature begins to search near and far within you for your thoughts begin to swing and and the emotions circulate on the begin to feel low and dizzy.....the drug is starting to kick in full force......the illusions are creating itself.......full flat screen digital clear before your very can see and feel it all.......You begin to watch the horror of your own self.....battling within........screaming for help.......louder and louder......but your screams are silenced in the distance.....beyond the hills and over the mountains......there are no echos to save you.......

As the sun begins to stretch its rays upon my mind begins to grasp a new reality.........the low is going up.......the trip was disturbing.......and my pulse is NOW stable.........

The heART ATTACK.....

The place where LOVE lives........the heART........the core of the SOUL........the heART......why would someone's heART ever want to attack you feel the heART beat......the blood is pumping and racing at 100mph........the adrenaline is causing the illusion......mixed up with PARANOIA......the FEAR begins to escalate deep within this SOUL lose touch of REALity to enter into the vortex of your DARKNESS..


What Do You Feel....?

What do you feel like to you.....have you taken the time out to feel you....?.....Where on your body do you touch and feel with tender LOVE-IN care.....or do you long for another to feel your skin bare.......? you feel the thoughts within your mind..........or do you feel the thoughts of my mind in your mind.........What do you feel like.......?


Do You Think Getting to KNOW ME is easy....?

Sometimes words are just not enough to keep on describing the magnitude of my constant flowing emotions......sometimes words devalue what I say or AM trying to say.....words cause my inner emotions to stumble and fall.......on the meaning of misunderstanding.......Do you think getting to know me is going to be easy.......Hmmmmm......?



Looking out side into such a strange land
Filled with such strange people
For we are strangers who have forgotten the original BLUEprint of our destiny
I look at them
and they look at me
I just don't fit in
I don't feel like I do
I don't think that I do
Never have I felt like a part of this strange space and place
It is like walking into a vortex of weird imagines
Do you know what it feels like to be lost in a strange land
Trying to make sense of what is deemed normal
As I stare out of the cafe window and look out, as the strangers pass by
I wonder what they are thinking
Do they feel just as lost as I
Is the madness caused by people trying to conform to the strangeness of this land
Are you deemed mad if you don't even try to fit in
What a strange place I have volunteered to be in
A very strange place of races, creed, culture and faces......

Dakini Goddess
Mms B.L.U)

Dakini Goddess Collection (4) Quotes.......

I know ME, but my FEAR wants to tell me differently....... Going through the FEAR is all part of the letting go of the FEAR. FEAR sees me in limitations. LOVE see me in ALL my splendor and glory...... I CHOOSE LOVE....

Face the FEAR and then let it goooooooooooooooooooooo........

When we respect ourselves and others, we are acting from one of the deepest places of unconditional love.......

I AM learning to LOVE the best way I KNOW how......

Change from within first then your surrounding will follow the change......Forgiveness means releasing the anger and other emotions that keep you stuck in unforgiveness of yourself or others. Holding onto these toxic feelings will have no effect on the other person and will not alter what you did or did not do. Holding onto unforgiveness is deadly poison to your body, mind, and spirit: LOVE yourself enough to let it go.....................

LOVE is something we ALL search for, but yet when we find it we FEAR it? WHY??????

Nothing is more creative, more magikal and more spiritual than allowing LOVE - our very essence, heal us, fill you, and set us free.

I wish to enter the WOMB of consciousness........

Last nights REALease was like giving birth..... The pains reminded me of being in labour, the tears that flowed from my eyes, were the tears that cleansed my SOUL. I thank GOD/GODDESS for my midwife. She arrived on time to assist me in the REALease, reassuring, reconnecting, reuniting me back to LOVE........Ty for returning.........I simply LOVE YOU......Today I feel GROUNDED, thoughtfull and most of ALL THANKFULL

I know it has been said many times but I AM REALizing more and more that giving LOVE at all depends on me having LOVE with, and for myself first. LOVE can't be given by someone who is just hungry for LOVE. They end up only taking and not giving. The more I fill my own holes, heal my own wounds , it creates a safe solid self in which to give from. People with unsafe, unsolid selves create unsafe unsolid relationships.

You are not here to JUDGE ME, you are here to LOVE ME........

Why focus on the NEGATIVE, when there is so much POSITIVE things to focus on?

I AM aligning my physical aspects with my higher aspects............

I AM entering the vortex of IMAGINATION......

I AM still WITHIN, BREATHING deeply.........

When I think of my SOUL MATE(S), these words comes to mind......LOVE, UNITY, PEACE, HARMONY, JOY, SACREDNESS, TRUST & SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT......

I AM RE-CR8TING myself every minute of my thinking day.........

There is a big difference between RELATIONships & OWNERships........I AM having a LOVEship......

Expectations lead to disAPPOINTMENTS....... When you think it is disAPPOINTMENT, it could just be your PERCEPTIONS.......THINKAGAIN......

It is only through experiencing LIFE as a HUman BEing that Spiritual energy can be obtained and one's SPIRITUAL SELF can evolve.......

You are WORTHY too beLOVED...........

It is a time for majik. It is a time to wave your wands and watch as miracles occur.........

To LIVE or not to LIVE the choice is yours....... What do you choose?

Your tears taste like the sea because of their cleansing and healing properities...... They heal and cleanse just like a walk or dip in the sea.....

Most of us are OVER WEIGHT...... lets get rid of the extra baggage......

When you JUDGE others you really JUDGE yourself for we are ALL ONE......

Due to our foods being deprived from essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients...... I would like to encourage you ALL to take your daily supplements..... Now is the time to assist your vital organs plus your immune system. Your HEALth is your WELLth......

Your E-Motions (energy in motion) are the vehicle that will lead you either to yourself or take you away from yourself......

Are you able to SURRENDER WHOLE-y and SOUL-y in complete LOVE to the one you share your life with? Are you waiting for them to SURRENDER WHOLE-y and SOUL-y to you first? Did you know it is within the SURRENDERing you will find LOVE and not FEAR.......Who is going to surrender first?

If you are with someone whom you cannot LOVE and adore with all your heart, it will serve you both more to separate than to remain TWOgether..........

Surrender does not mean submission or loss of self, but rather a LOVE-in expansion to something that is much greater than you are..........

11:11 - The TIME IS NOW..........

I AM transmuting all the negative & dysfunctional patterns in my LIFE....... They are no longer needed where I AM going......

I AM here to share LOVE and to be of SERVICE........

It's good and healthy to let the tears flow. It helps to release the old energy within. This too shall pass...................

We are GROWth seeking beings, and all encounters, both physical and non-physical, provide opportunities for GROWth........ Let us continue to GROW.......

Hey did you know, whatever is going on in your mind is what you are attracting..........?

I don't KNOW everything, but I share what I re-MEMBER........

Life is very short and no matter how we try not to... we take advantage of the time we have here and the special people we have in our lives..........

Make sure that you take the time to reach out to the ones you LOVE and hold dear...... tell them how much they mean to you,....If you wait until tomorrow....Tomorrow may be to late...

RELATIONships.........Becoming "Whole" Before "Two" Becomes "One"

Within my DARKness today I was able to see my LIGHT..............

LOVE Is The New Religion..............

Are you still waiting for Jesus to come........? Buddha has been and gone...... and so has Hari Krishna.........Why wait.....? When WE are who we have been waiting for..........

I AM a RAINbow WARRIORess......I AM a PROPHETess.......I AM a DAKINI GODDESS......I AM a LIGHT Worker......I AM a WAYshower...... I AM a STARseed........I AM a GateKEEPER.......I AM a PRIESTess.........I AM a MAGIKcian..........I AM an Alchemist.........I AM a COSMIC BEing.........I AM ALL........ and I AM NO THING.........

The TIME has come for US ALL to live the way of the SPIRIT and not of the FLESH.......

I LOVE ALL HUMANKIND regardless of creed......colour.......culture.......gender......race or religion.......LOVE sees none of the above........LOVE just sees itself............LOVE

We seek LOVE outside of us because we have forgotten LOVE is inside of us........

WE are not a chosen few..........WE are ALL special and WE have ALL been chosen........

I AM a STAR in the sky........and a STAR in the lives of my people..........

I AM struggling with BEing HUman.......Need to COMPLETELY access the BLUEprint of my SOUL........

I AM in the process of RE-WIRING my DNA Coding........ALL 12 strands belong to ME....

In order to allow the emergence of our TRUE essence and AUTHENTIC nature as a BEing of LOVE and cr8tivity.......WE need to release what works against this REALisation.....That part of US that believes in FEAR.......Scarcity....... Lack......Abandonment........Rejection........Pain...........I AM ready to release ALL of this and more........

Life Truly IS As Simple As A Game........But..........ONLY if You Participate....This is ALL About YOU!

For each and every problem.......there is an answer.........All answers are waiting for simply recognize them.............

Dakini Goddess Collection (3) Quotes.......

We wombman are beautifull beyond all human comprehension. We carry the world within our souls. We are healers and while we are healing we are also transforming. We are transformers in disguise. Embrace the change, its happening rapidly......

The veil of illusion is burning away, finally. I am ready to look beyond. Are you???

Come celebrate the natural Goddess in us all. We are divine light, share it.

Love for self is the antidote for all pain!

Its time to LET GO.....

Love shares humbleness with ALL.....

Can we born again via the womb? So therefore it is time again to be born again of the SPIRIT.....

Its quite difficult watching another person destroy the space within their mind through the thought process of their negative stinking thinking.........

Today I shall TRUST the U-N-I-verse to deliver all the things needed for LOVE to conqueror ALL FEARS......

If we KNEW LOVE we would not FEAR

Do you think you can control the LOVE that YOU feel for another?

Tomorrow is not promised to me, so please enjoi me NOW.......

Letting go is the hardest thing for many of us to do, but....... I can guarantee, letting go completely of all that burdens you, is the taste of FREEDOM

Many things will cross your mind, but not all things that cross your mind should be left in the mind. Allow the thoughts to come and allow them to go. This is Meditation.

No matter what takes place in your life, do not exit this earth plane without ever experiencing LOVE. To LOVE is to LIVE.......

Open your HEART and let LOVE in..... You deserve it!!!!

I AM who I AM. Your thoughts can never define who I AM. Neither can they add or take away. To be or not to be is who I AM...... Welcome to my WORLD...

Anger and Hate are like cancer, they eat away at you SOUL......

LOVE is ALL I need.....

Its easy to spot the ones who are hurting - hurting people hurt people........

When someone shouts at you, don't shout back, listen to what they have to say. We all want to be acknowledged and not all have effective communication skills. After they have released they will be silent. I AM learning the art of listening..........

The only way out is WITHIN...................

I AM feeling me again and I feel REAL GOOD. To be at-one-ment with the SOURCE of all
things is divine perfection.......

I have heard this over and over again. "LOVE HURTS"! I am in total disagreement. What I think hurts are our expectations of LOVE, our control over LOVE, our lack of innerstanding about LOVE. Why would we be all looking for LOVE if it is known to hurt?

Stop living on the choppy seas of your emotions and sail your boat into calm waters.

I know ME, but my FEAR wants to tell me differently....... Going through the FEAR is all part of the letting go of the FEAR. FEAR sees me in limitations. LOVE see me in ALL my splendor and glory...... I CHOOSE LOVE....

FEAR always presents itself in our lives to show us where more LOVE is needed. I am getting this........


Knowing that I am a gay
doesn’t make me a stray.
Hey, I’m talking to you, boo.

What’s up with you and your emotions?
Trying to trip about my new love devotion
to my woman.

I’m sorry that you are disappointed,
my lover was not a man.
I’ve always thought the penis was for me,
until I met Kuchi.

It’s time for you to realize,
and stop living in despise.
If you could only look within my eyes,
and see my heart rise,
for my true love,

I Don't Know If.......

I don’t know if I’ll be able to meet with you like this anymore
No fault of yours
Leaving you is like a battle of war
I get so excited when I know I’m coming to meet with you
Even if you choose to look at a shoe or two
Time is always against us
I do mind this
But I’m not making a big fuss
My feelings for you are growing strong
Please let me know if my feelings are wrong
I like the way our spirits flow together
I didn’t think I would ever meet a woman like you ever
But you walked into my path
When I think about how we met, it makes me laugh
I know what I want & you have it all
I know your protecting your self with a wall
But it’s ok
I don’t feel no way
I’m waiting very patiently but not quietly
I feel comfortable for now
Dropping little hints here & there
Just so that you’re aware
I feel a lot for you
Age for you & I, is not a problem
Any other issues I’m sure we’ll deal with them
I also think you’re very beautiful, beautiful you really are
Beauty that’s coming from generation far
I hope that one day you will receive all the love & care
I wish to share with you on a personal level
When & if that day comes
I’ll be happy & proud as if I had been given a gold medal
The foundation we are laying seems to be even & getting strong
Thanks for choosing to spend time with me
Who knows where this time is going to take us
We just have to wait & see

Dakini Goddess
(Ms B.L.U)


Two hearts together
That beat as one
Together our souls entwine in the magic
Twisted energy
Building upon a solid foundation

Roads to walk
Mountains to climb
Rivers to swim
In the calm sea
Also in the rough
We press on
Press on to meet the door
Only which we open together
You and me
With you creating together the gifts of life

Giving, listening, loving, being, laughing
(laugh out loud)
Peace flows in the midst and beyond
What have we here?
Beautiful, beauty beyond imagination
Love sent from up above
Sister loving
My wife
My friend
My lover

Not to be kept a secret
But to be happy
Standing proud
Revealing creation in all its splendor and glory
Femininity beautify
Eyes wide
What do you see?
Creation in its fullness
She’s mine
I love her with my whole being

Dakini Goddess
(aka Ms B.L.U)