Tuesday, 16 August 2011


I have survived another day of MY NATURE DIET and feeling abSOULutely GREAT!!! I have embarked on this type of raw diet before but for some known reason this time feels like I AM being 100% supported by NATURE herself. My sleep was so scrumptious I didn't want to get out of bed this morning, but I dragged myself and headed straight to my early morning "GYM PARTY". My hour workout wasn't that great. I have had greater embraces from Adrenalin but I sweated buckets and burned calories.

The sugar cravings have been quenched with dry berries and I am most certainly mindfull how much of those I consume. So this is my NATURE DIET Regime for the day.



LIFE JUICE: A glass of water (8.oz)

HERBS: Constituent Bitters (4 tbs)
Fieldsway Constitution Bitters Herbal natural health drink. A blend of seven herbal bitters: Bitter to the taste - sweet to the system

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I am not even going to lie to YOU....this is the worst tasting drink I have ever encountered in my entire LIFE. It has gone beyond the word BITTER but the body LOVES it. This will alkaline the body creating a healthy environment within the body so that no pathogens can even think about proliferating your internal space.

NATURE FOOD: Manuka honey (1/2 tbs)

Found only in New Zealand, Manuka Honey is a 100% natural, raw, un pasteurized food with proven results in antibacterial, antiseptic and antiviral activity due to the active ingredient Dietary Methylglyoxal.

The results of the scientific studies conducted in Dresden, Germany are opening the avenues for other research teams to implement the health benefits of Manuka Honey in medical tests meant to prevent and cure other diseases.

EXERCISE: Gym - worked out for 45 mins (burning between 300-400 calories)

ESSENTIAL OILS: Showered and anointed my body with Wise Rose Rise Essential Blend.


NATURE FOOD: A bowl of yummy Cherries
Please bear in mind Cherries are a natural laxative. They work in a magikal way...lol.

HERBS: Green Tea with Lotus Flower and Orange (NO SUGAR OR HONEY)

ESSENTIAL OILS: Inhaled Vetiver Essential Oil and Rose Otto 2x in each nostril:
Inhaling Essential Oils has the same affect on the emotional state as applying them to the body.

I have posted the benefits of Vetiver in day 1

Benefits of Rose Otto are:
Rose Otto is excellent for skin care, anti-ageing, healing, meditation and emotional grief. Rose Otto is known to expand the heart and also energizes the chakras and strengthens the aura. In addition, if you're libido is a little slow, a little Rose Otto is known to shake it up some.

NATURE FOOD: A packet of mixed nuts and dried berries. No salt on the nuts.

LIFE JUICE: Water 8.oz (filtered water)

ESSENTIAL OILS: Inhaled Rosewood and Rose Otto (2x in each nostril)

LUNCH (at my desk)

NATURE FOOD: Salad with Humous
It needed some Olives....oh well next time.

LIFE JUICE: Water (8.oz)


NATURE FOOD: Green Salad with Humous, Nuts, dried fruits, Avoocado and Tomatoes. This salad was magnificent.

Without sugar in my life I AM able to taste food more.

LIFE JUICE: Water (8.oz)


I have been feeling bursts of euphoria today...feeling like I can accomplish anything. I have managed to stay in the present and not drift too far away from MY NOW. I have been receiving compliments from colleagues today, saying "I am glowing", "I look bright" and "I look really well". How I feel is most definitely reflecting on my outside. I feel lighter within my body and mind. I feel stronger internally and so much more focused. MY NATURE DIET gives me so many postive reasons to continue along this path. I am doing this!!!

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